Jun Xu

Jun Xu

Higher Degree by Research Candidate

School of Chemical Engineering

Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Technology

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    2023 Xu, J., Jin, H., Lu, T., Li, J., Liu, Y., Davey, K., . . . Qiao, S. -Z. (2023). IrOₓ•nH₂O with lattice water-assisted oxygen exchange for high-performance proton exchange membrane water electrolyzers.. Science Advances, 9(25), eadh1718.
    DOI Scopus16 WoS1 Europe PMC1
    2023 Liu, H., Shen, W., Jin, H., Xu, J., Xi, P., Dong, J., . . . Qiao, S. (2023). High-Performance Alkaline Seawater Electrolysis with Anomalous Chloride Promoted Oxygen Evolution Reaction. Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 62(46), e202311674-1-e202311674-8.
    DOI Scopus6
    2023 Jin, H., Xu, J., Liu, H., Shen, H., Yu, H., Jaroniec, M., . . . Qiao, S. Z. (2023). Emerging materials and technologies for electrocatalytic seawater splitting. Science Advances, 9(42), 13 pages.
    DOI Scopus4
    2021 Xu, J., Cui, X., Fan, Z., Zhu, X., Guo, W., Xie, Z., . . . Li, J. (2021). Simultaneous phase control and carbon intercalation of MoS<sub>2</sub> for electrochemical hydrogen evolution catalysis. MATERIALS ADVANCES, 2(22), 7482-7489.
    2021 Li, K., Xu, J., Chen, C., Xie, Z., Liu, D., Qu, D., . . . Hu, N. (2021). Activating the hydrogen evolution activity of Pt electrode via synergistic interaction with NiS<sub>2</sub>. JOURNAL OF COLLOID AND INTERFACE SCIENCE, 582(Pt B), 591-597.
    DOI WoS19 Europe PMC2
    2021 Xu, J., Zhao, Z., Wei, W., Chang, G., Xie, Z., Guo, W., . . . Li, J. (2021). Tuning the Intrinsic Activity and Electrochemical Surface Area of MoS<sub>2</sub> via Tiny Zn Doping: Toward an Efficient Hydrogen Evolution Reaction (HER) Catalyst. CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL, 27(64), 15992-15999.
    DOI WoS12 Europe PMC2
    2020 Chen, C., Liang, C., Xu, J., Wei, J., Li, X., Zheng, Y., . . . Li, J. (2020). Size-dependent electrochemical nitrogen reduction catalyzed by monodisperse Au nanoparticles. ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA, 335, 6 pages.
    DOI WoS31
    2019 Xu, J., Chen, C., Han, Z., Yang, Y., Li, J., & Deng, Q. (2019). Recent Advances in Oxygen Electrocatalysts Based on Perovskite Oxides. Nanomaterials, 9(8), 1161.
    DOI WoS48 Europe PMC3
    2019 Xu, J., Yin, Y., Xiong, H., Du, X., Jiang, Y., Guo, W., . . . Li, J. (2019). Improving catalytic activity of metal telluride by hybridization: An efficient Ni<sub>3</sub>Te<sub>2</sub>-CoTe composite electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution reaction. APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE, 490, 516-521.
    DOI WoS30
    2019 Yin, Y., Xu, J., Guo, W., Wang, Z., Du, X., Chen, C., . . . Li, J. (2019). A single-step fabrication of CoTe<sub>2</sub> nanofilm electrode toward efficient overall water splitting. ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA, 307, 451-458.
    DOI WoS40
    2019 Qiu, W., An, C., Yan, Y., Xu, J., Zhang, Z., Guo, W., . . . Li, J. (2019). Suppressed polysulfide shuttling and improved Li<SUP>+</SUP> transport in Li-S batteries enabled by NbN modified PP separator. JOURNAL OF POWER SOURCES, 423, 98-105.
    DOI WoS57
    2017 Xu, J., Shi, L., Liang, C., Wu, H., Lei, J., Liu, D., . . . Tang, H. (2017). Fe and N Co-doped Carbons Derived from an Ionic Liquid as Active Bifunctional Oxygen Catalysts. CHEMELECTROCHEM, 4(5), 1148-1153.
    DOI WoS16

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