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Julian Taylor
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Julian is a Senior Research Fellow in the University of Adelaide

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Dr Julian Taylor

Julian is a Senior Research Fellow in the University of Adelaide

Dr. Julian Taylor is a Senior Research Fellow in the Biometry Hub located at the Waite Agricultural Precinct of the University of Adelaide. He is also a Program Leader for the southern node of the Statistics for the Grains Industry project, a Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) funded initiative to provide biometrical research support for southern regional GRDC projects.

Dr. Taylors research is based on the development of statistical methodology and models along with their computational implementation for use in the analysis of plant breeding experiments. Much of this research is multi-disciplinary  and highly collaborative with plant researchers in the university as well across other scientific communities involved in plant breeding research. A substantial focus of the research is in the competitive research area of statistical genetics in crop agriculture. This includes the theoretical and computational research development of gene-trait association modelling such as quantitative trait loci (QTL) analysis and genome wide association analyses.

Additionally, Dr. Taylor is the co-author and maintainer of statistical software packages R/wgaim and R/ASMap written in the open source R statistical computing environment. These packages have provided plant research staff in the university with highly efficient tools for the genetic analysis of their experiments and continue to play an important role in providing research outcomes for their projects.





Date Position Institution name
2016 Senior Research Fellow University of Adelaide, Adelaide
2011 - 2016 Research Fellow University of Adelaide, Adelaide
2006 - 2011 Postdoctoral Fellow Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Canberra


Date Institution name Country Title
1998 - 2005 University of Adelaide Australia PhD


Year Citation
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2017 Shankar, M., Jorgensen, D., Taylor, J., Chalmers, K., Fox, R., Hollaway, G. ... Mather, D. (2017). Loci on chromosomes 1A and 2A affect resistance to tan (yellow) spot in wheat populations not segregating for tsn1. Theoretical and Applied Genetics, 1-18.
2016 Schoppach, R., Taylor, J., Majerus, E., Claverie, E., Baumann, U., Suchecki, R. ... Sadok, W. (2016). High resolution mapping of traits related to whole-plant transpiration under increasing evaporative demand in wheat. Journal of Experimental Botany, 67, 9, 2847-2860.
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2016 Stevens, R., Pech, J., Taylor, J., Clingeleffer, P., Walker, R. & Nicholas, P. (2016). Effects of irrigation and rootstock on Vitis vinifera (L.) cv. Shiraz berry composition and shrivel, and wine composition and wine score. Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research, 22, 1, 124-136.
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2015 Kitimu, S., Taylor, J., March, T., Tairo, F., Wilkinson, M. & Rodriguez Lopez, C. (2015). Meristem micropropagation of cassava (Manihot esculenta) evokes genome-wide changes in DNA methylation. Frontiers in Plant Science, 6, Aug, 590-1-590-12.
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2014 Maphosa, L., Collins, N. C., Taylor, J. & Mather, D. E. (2014). Post-anthesis heat and a Gpc-B1 introgression have similar but non-additive effects in bread wheat. Functional Plant Biology, 41, 9, 1002-1008.
2013 Bonneau, J., Taylor, J., Parent, B., Bennett, D., Reynolds, M., Feuillet, C. ... Mather, D. (2013). Multi-environment analysis and improved mapping of a yield-related QTL on chromosome 3B of wheat. Theoretical and Applied Genetics, 126, 3, 747-761.
2013 Hill, C., Taylor, J., Edwards, J., Mather, D., Bacic, A., Langridge, P. & Roessner, U. (2013). Whole-genome mapping of agronomic and metabolic traits to identify novel quantitative trait loci in bread wheat grown in a water-limited environment. Plant Physiology, 162, 3, 1266-1281.
2012 Verbyla, A., Taylor, J. & Verbyla, K. (2012). RWGAIM: An efficient high-dimensional random whole genome average (QTL) interval mapping approach. Genetics Research, 94, 6, 291-306.
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Year Citation
2014 Taylor, J. D. & Butler, D.; (2014); ASMap: Linkage map construction using the MSTmap algorithm;
2008 Taylor, J. D., Diffey, S., Verbyla, A. & Cullis, B.; (2008); wgaim: Whole Genome Average Interval Mapping for QTL Detection using Mixed Models;


Project Title Funding Body Duration Investment Role %Time
SAGI-STH: The southern node of the Statistics for the Australian
Grains Industry
GRDC 2016-2020 $4.5M Principal Investigator 100.0%


PhD candidate: Adam Norman

Adam works for Australian Grain Technologies (AGT) as a wheat breeder and is due to finish his PhD at the end of 2017. He PhD has been focused on the development and implementation of genomic selection in a commercial wheat breeding environment. 

Research Scientist
Waite Building
Org Unit
School of Agriculture, Food and Wine