Julia Anaf

Dr Julia Anaf

NHMRC Grant-Funded Researcher B

School of Social Sciences

Faculty of Arts, Business, Law and Economics

My main research interests are the social, political and economic determinants of health and health equity. A particular interest is the growing recognition of the commercial determinants of health, or the systems, practices and pathways through which commercial actors drive health and equity.
I have contributed to setting a research agenda on the health impacts of transnational corporations and have conducted health impact assessments of individual corporations spanning fast food, extractives, and alcohol industries in Australia and Southern Africa. I helped to convene a Citizen's Jury to provide recommendations to government for improved regulation of the fast-food sector.
I am currently employed (part-time) on the NHMRC Investigator Grant 'Restoring the Fair Go: which policies and practices are likely to reverse growing health inequities post Covid-19?' I lead the the privatisation theme which investigates the health impacts from privatisation and outsourcing of public sector roles to the private sector, including to large global consultancy and accounting firms.



My employment is part-time and a research-only role.

  • Position: NHMRC Grant-Funded Researcher B
  • Email: julia.anaf@adelaide.edu.au
  • Campus: North Terrace
  • Building: Napier, floor Ground Floor
  • Org Unit: School of Social Sciences

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