Joshua Watt

Joshua Watt

Higher Degree by Research Candidate

School of Mathematical Sciences

Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Technology

MPhil candidate in Applied Mathematics and Statistics. My research aims to model and predict the personalities of Social Media users by analysing their digital footprints.

Social Media is a commonly used platform to convey peoples thoughts and communicate with others. You leave a unique trace of data when using these services and this is often referred to as your digital footprint. This data includes your digital activities, actions, contributions and communications manifested on the Internet. The power of this data is often underestimated, as it can be used to understand your personality, political opinions, relationships and more.

My research involves modelling and predicting people’s psychological traits through analysing their digital footprint on social media services. I work with large datasets on a daily basis and develop models which underpin how language features can determine people’s cognitive processes. While my background is in Applied Mathematics and Statistics, I have also gained expertise in areas of Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, AI, Graph/Network Analytics, Sociology and Psychology.

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