Joshua Robinson

Joshua Robinson

Higher Degree by Research Candidate

Adelaide Medical School

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

I am currently an PhD candidate in medicine looking at the neonatal outcomes in light of maternal asthma. This is a continuation of my Honours project which I completed in June 2021 with first class.

My research combines clinical and pre-clinical aspects to better understand the impact of maternal asthma on newborns and the underlying mechanisms.
1) Using a pre-clinical model, we have been testing treatments to reduce the risk of adverse respiratory neonatal outcomes associated with maternal asthma, particularly when poorly controlled or exacerbated.
2) Data linkage from the Women's and Children's hospital will allow us to explore the link between maternal asthma and neonatal outcomes in South Australia, as well as evaluating the impact of the current 'Asthma in pregnancy' perinatal guidelines.
3) We will study the lung function of babies born to asthmatic mothers to develop an understanding of the impact of maternal asthma on lung development and mechanisms for underlying morbidities.

I am also a tutor and lab demonstrator for the first year Human Anatomy and Physiology (HAPI) course.

I work closely alongside:
A/Prof Michael Stark -
A/Prof Kathy Gatford -
Prof Janna Morrison -
Prof Vicki Clifton -

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