Joshua Krook

Joshua Krook

Higher Degree by Research Candidate

Adelaide Law School

Faculty of the Professions

I am a passionate researcher, writer and thinker interested in the humanities, policy and law. My background includes effective project management of research teams, academic publishing (US political analysis, specialization and social psychology) and non-fiction publications on legal education. I am pursuing a PhD exploring the creation of a new legal education curriculum centred on the humanities and the liberal arts.

My writing has been featured on ABC News (Opinion & Analysis), The Conversation, Business Insider, World University News and Overland. I have also appeared as a guest on ABC Radio, RTR FM and the Lawyers Weekly Podcast.

With a focus on national and international public speaking, academic pursuits and the impetus to inspire a new generation of intellectuals, my work spans law, politics, humanities and interactive game design.

  • Journals

    Year Citation
    2017 Krook, J. (2017). The Real Socratic Method: At the Heart of Legal Education Is a Misunderstanding of Why Socrates Asked So Many Questions. Griffith Journal of Law & Human Dignity, 5.
    2017 Krook, J. (2017). Essays in AI: Technology, Automation and the Future of 9-5 Work.
    2016 Krook, J. (2016). The role of the corporate mega-firm. Griffith Journal of Law & Human Dignity, 4(2), 65-73.
  • Books

  • Internet Publications

    Year Citation
    2017 Krook, J. (2017). Lifetime Employment in Japan: Casual Work, Part-Time Work and Women under Equal Opportunity Law.
    2017 Krook, J. (2017). ‘Uniting People Together Instead of Dividing Them Up’: Trump, Farage and Lessons Learned on Racism, Discrimination and Sexism from Social Psychology and History.
    2016 Krook, J. (2016). Towards a Project-Based Economy: AI and the Future of Work.
    2016 Krook, J. (2016). The Election of Donald Trump Sounds the Death Noll for Privilege and Identity Politics.
    2016 Krook, J. (2016). Legal education- success but at what cost?.
    2016 Krook, J. (2016). How Specialisation is Destroying My Generation.
    2016 Krook, J. (2016). The “Employer’s Voice” in Australian Legal Education.
    2016 Krook, J. (2016). The Non-Coercive State: The Creation of Pacifist Societies.
    2015 Krook, J. (2015). Pokemon Go, Augmented Reality and the Future of Technology.
    2015 Krook, J. (2015). On Advertising and the Loss of Free Will.
    2015 Krook, J. (2015). Bernie Sanders and the Fight Against Political Apathy.
    2015 Krook, J. (2015). Modern Life: A Consciouscly Celebrated Materialism.
    2015 Krook, J. (2015). How Physical Proximity (and Social Psychology): Can Prevent Racism, Sexism and Discrimination in Our Society.
    2015 Krook, J. (2015). The Media, Moral Rage and Moral Condemnation.
    2015 Krook, J. (2015). Why Does Society Divide Itself Into Smaller Categories of People Over Time? (In-Group and Out-Group Formation).
    2015 Krook, J. (2015). How to Combat Schadenfreude, or Enjoying The Pain of Others.
    2015 Krook, J. (2015). History of a Sketch During War: A View of the Taking of Quebec (1759).
    2015 Krook, J. (2015). Cezanne’s Writings and Finding Meaning in Nature.
    2015 Krook, J. (2015). On the Future of Pointless Jobs, the 9-5 Work Day and the Robot Revolution.
    2014 Krook, J. (2014). An Entitlement Complex, or Gen Y’s Quest for Meaning?.
    2014 Krook, J. (2014). A Place to Call Home: International Student Housing in Sydney.
    2014 Krook, J. (2014). The Right to Personality in the Workplace (Dismantling The Private and Public Self).
    2014 Krook, J. (2014). The Old Man and the Paper Plane: Is the Economy Enough to Sustain Meaning?.
    2014 Krook, J. (2014). The Seven Sins of Modern Thinking.
    2014 Krook, J. (2014). Worrying Changes to Bail Laws in NSW.
    2014 Krook, J. (2014). The Death of the Intellectual.
    2014 Krook, J. (2014). What Law Students Need To Know About Legal Ethics Won’t Be Taught To Them In Law School.
    2014 Krook, J. (2014). A Lasting Peace.
    2014 Krook, J. (2014). How to Find Meaning in Work.
    2014 Krook, J. (2014). The Right to Vote on War With Iraq.
    2014 Krook, J. (2014). Why Cliches are Meaningless (So Stop Using Them).
    2014 Krook, J. (2014). Clerking Mad.

- RTP Scholarship (2017)

- Zelling Gray Supplementary Scholarship (2017)

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