Jiahao Liu

Jiahao Liu

Higher Degree by Research Candidate

School of Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials (Inact)

Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Technology

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    2023 Liu, J., Ye, C., Wu, H., Jaroniec, M., & Qiao, S. -Z. (2023). 2D Mesoporous Zincophilic Sieve for High-Rate Sulfur-Based Aqueous Zinc Batteries. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 145(9), 5384-5392.
    DOI Scopus8 WoS7
    2022 Chang, S., Han, Z., Yang, J., Chen, X., Liu, J., Liu, Y., & Li, J. (2022). Nitrogen-Doped Pitch-Based Activated Carbon Fibers with Multi-Dimensional Metal Nanoparticle Distribution for the Effective Removal of NO. CATALYSTS, 12(10), 9 pages.
    DOI WoS1
    2022 Wen, Y., Liu, J., Zhang, F., Li, Z., Wang, P., Fang, Z., . . . Wang, L. (2022). Mesoporous MnO2 nanosheets for efficient electrocatalytic nitrogen reduction via high spin polarization induced by oxygen vacancy. NANO RESEARCH, 16(4), 7 pages.
    DOI WoS1
    2022 Liu, Y., Liu, J., Yang, J., Wu, X., Li, J., Shi, K., . . . Tan, R. (2022). In-Situ Doping B4C Nanoparticles in Mesophase Pitch for Preparing Carbon Fibers with High Thermal Conductivity by Boron Catalytic Graphitization. MOLECULES, 27(16), 14 pages.
    2022 Gou, G., Wei, W., Yang, J., Liu, J., Liu, Y., Li, J., & Shi, K. (2022). Effect of anion species on preparation and properties of pitch-based activated carbon fibers by in-situ catalytic activation of metal nanoparticles. CARBON LETTERS, 32(6), 1507-1518.
    DOI WoS1
    2022 Liu, J., Guo, L., Mi, Z., Liu, Z., Rong, P., & Zhou, W. (2022). Vascular bursts-mediated tumor accumulation and deep penetration of spherical nucleic acids for synergistic radio-immunotherapy. JOURNAL OF CONTROLLED RELEASE, 348, 1050-1065.
    DOI WoS6 Europe PMC1
    2022 Yu, C., Zhang, Y., Wang, N., Wei, W., Cao, K., Zhang, Q., . . . Liu, J. (2022). Treatment of bladder cancer by geoinspired synthetic chrysotile nanocarrier-delivered circPRMT5 siRNA. BIOMATERIALS RESEARCH, 26(1), 20 pages.
    DOI WoS8 Europe PMC3
    2022 Fan, J., Yang, S., Liu, J., Zhu, Z., Xiao, J., Chang, L., . . . Zhou, J. (2022). A High Accuracy & Ultra-Low Power ECG-Derived Respiration Estimation Processor for Wearable Respiration Monitoring Sensor. BIOSENSORS-BASEL, 12(8), 14 pages.
    2022 Hou, Z., Zhang, T., Liu, X., Xu, Z., Liu, J., Zhou, W., . . . Zhao, D. (2022). A solid-to-solid metallic conversion electrochemistry toward 91% zinc utilization for sustainable aqueous batteries. Science Advances, 8(41), 11 pages.
    DOI Scopus40 WoS34 Europe PMC5
    2021 Pu, J., Zhong, C., Liu, J., Wang, Z., & Chao, D. (2021). Advanced: In situ technology for Li/Na metal anodes: An in-depth mechanistic understanding. Energy and Environmental Science, 14(7), 3872-3911.
    DOI Scopus20 WoS21
    2021 Liu, J., Zhou, W., Zhao, R., Yang, Z., Li, W., Chao, D., . . . Zhao, D. (2021). Sulfur-Based Aqueous Batteries: Electrochemistry and Strategies. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 143(48), 15475-15489.
    DOI Scopus109 WoS107 Europe PMC13
    2021 Yang, H., Zhou, W., Chen, D., Liu, J., Yuan, Z., Lu, M., . . . Chao, D. (2021). The origin of capacity fluctuation and rescue of dead Mn-based Zn-ion batteries: a Mn-based competitive capacity evolution protocol†. Energy and Environmental Science, 15(3), 1106-1118.
    DOI Scopus71 WoS73
    2021 Li, R., Liu, J., Zheng, X., & Peng, Q. (2021). Achieve 100% transmission via grafting hydroxyl groups on CNT nanomotors. CURRENT APPLIED PHYSICS, 29, 59-65.
    DOI WoS2
    2021 Li, Z., Hu, M., Liu, J., Wang, W., Li, Y., Fan, W., . . . Li, Y. (2021). Mesoporous silica stabilized MOF nanoreactor for highly selective semi-hydrogenation of phenylacetylene via synergistic effect of Pd and Ru single site. NANO RESEARCH, 15(3), 1983-1992.
    DOI WoS29
    2021 Li, J., Liu, J., Li, C., Luo, J., Shen, C., & Yang, J. (2021). Preparation of discarded cigarette butt-derived activated carbon and its decolorization for waste edible oils. BIOMASS CONVERSION AND BIOREFINERY, 13(11), 11 pages.
    DOI WoS1
    2021 Li, Z., Hu, M., Wang, P., Liu, J., Yao, J., & Li, C. (2021). Heterojunction catalyst in electrocatalytic water splitting. COORDINATION CHEMISTRY REVIEWS, 439, 21 pages.
    DOI WoS131
    2021 Song, H., Liu, J., Tian, X., Liu, D., Li, J., Zhao, X., . . . Han, Y. (2021). Thrombopoietic effects of CCAAT/enhancer-binding protein ? on the early-stage differentiation of megakaryocytes. ARCHIVES OF BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS, 703, 9 pages.
    2021 Ou, P., Su, X., Zeng, Y., Zhang, F., Liu, J., Wang, C., . . . Zhao, H. (2021). Two-step hydrothermal synthesis of (NH4)(x)WO3 hollow spherical and hierarchical structures. CRYSTENGCOMM, 23(8), 1700-1703.
    DOI WoS2
    2021 Mi, Z., Guo, L., Liu, P., Qi, Y., Feng, Z., Liu, J., . . . Rong, P. (2021). "Trojan Horse" Salmonella Enabling Tumor Homing of Silver Nanoparticles via Neutrophil Infiltration for Synergistic Tumor Therapy and Enhanced Biosafety. NANO LETTERS, 21(1), 414-423.
    DOI WoS37 Europe PMC12
    2021 Wen, Y., Wei, Z., Liu, J., Li, R., Wang, P., Zhou, B., . . . Li, Z. (2021). Synergistic cerium doping and MXene coupling in layered double hydroxides as efficient electrocatalysts for oxygen evolution. JOURNAL OF ENERGY CHEMISTRY, 52, 412-420.
    DOI WoS73
    2020 Li, Z., Hu, M., Liu, B., Liu, J., Wang, P., Yao, J., . . . Song, W. (2020). Pd-Zn Alloy Nanoparticles Encapsulated into Mesoporous Silica with Confinement Effect for Highly Selective Semi-Hydrogenation of Phenylacetylene. CHEMCATCHEM, 13(3), 868-873.
    DOI WoS16
    2020 Wen, Y., Li, R., Liu, J., Zhang, X., Wang, P., Zhang, X., . . . Sun, B. (2020). Promotion effect of Zn on 2D bimetallic NiZn metal organic framework nanosheets for tyrosinase immobilization and ultrasensitive detection of phenol. ANALYTICA CHIMICA ACTA, 1127, 131-139.
    DOI WoS29 Europe PMC4
    2020 Li, Z., Gong, Y., Zhang, X., Wen, Y., Yao, J., Hu, M., . . . Zhang, C. (2020). Plasmonic coupling-enhanced in situ photothermal nanoreactor with shape selective catalysis for C-C coupling reaction. NANO RESEARCH, 13(10), 2812-2818.
    DOI WoS11
    2020 He, P., Liu, J., Zhao, X., Ding, Z., Gao, P., & Fan, L. -Z. (2020). A three-dimensional interconnected V6O13 nest with a V5+-rich state for ultrahigh Zn ion storage. JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A, 8(20), 10370-10376.
    DOI WoS64
    2020 Wu, C., Liu, H., Rong, X., Liu, J., Ding, W., Cheng, X., . . . Wang, C. (2020). Phytochemical composition profile and space-time accumulation of secondary metabolites for Dracocephalum moldavica Linn. via UPLC-Q/TOF-MS and HPLC-DAD method. BIOMEDICAL CHROMATOGRAPHY, 34(8), 14 pages.
    DOI WoS9 Europe PMC3
    2020 Liu, J., Han, J., Yi, X., Liu, C., & He, P. (2020). Research Progress of Homogeneous Catalyst for the Dehydrogenation of Formic Acid. CHINESE JOURNAL OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY, 40(9), 2658-2668.
    2019 He, P., Ding, Z., Zhao, X., Liu, J., Huang, Q., Peng, J., & Fan, L. -Z. (2019). Growth of carbon nanosheets on carbon nanotube arrays for the fabrication of three-dimensional micro-patterned supercapacitors. CARBON, 155, 453-461.
    DOI WoS30

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