Jemma Savaglia

Jemma Savaglia

Adelaide Medical School

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Jemma Savaglia (nee Seyfang) has recently graduated from a PhD at The University of Adelaide. She has joined to Lung Research Group at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and The University of Adelaide. Her current research project is investigating treatments for Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension. It is her goal to assist with the transition of research treatments into clinical humans trials to develop new treatment options for fatal diseases.

  • Journals

    Year Citation
    2019 Harper, R., Maiolo, S., Ward, R., Seyfang, J., Cockshell, M., Bonder, C., & Reynolds, P. (2019). BMPR2-expressing bone marrow-derived endothelial-like progenitor cells alleviate pulmonary arterial hypertension in vivo. Respirology, OnlinePubl.
    DOI Scopus1
    2018 Seyfang, J., Plush, K., Kirkwood, R., Tilbrook, A., & Ralph, C. (2018). The sex ratio of a litter affects the behaviour of its female pigs until at least 16 weeks of age. Applied Animal Behaviour Science, 200, 45-50.
    DOI Scopus4 WoS3
    2018 Seyfang, J., Kirkwood, R., Tilbrook, A., & Ralph, C. (2018). Sex bias of the birth litter affects surge but not tonic LH secretion in gilts.. Journal of animal science, 96(6), 2195-2203.
    DOI Scopus1
    2018 Seyfang, J., Kirkwood, R., Tilbrook, A., & Ralph, C. (2018). The sex ratio of a gilt’s birth litter can affect her fitness as a breeding female. Animal Production Science, Online(9), 1-8.
    DOI Scopus1 WoS1
    2018 Seyfang, J., Ralph, C., Hebart, M., Tilbrook, A., & Kirkwood, R. (2018). Anogenital distance reflects the sex ratio of a gilt's birth litter and predicts her reproductive success. Journal of Animal Science, 96(9), 3856-3862.
    DOI Scopus1 WoS1 Europe PMC1
    2017 Seyfang, J., Ralph, C., Tilbrook, A., & Kirkwood, R. (2017). Response to gonadotrophins differs for gilts from female- and male-biased litters. Animal Reproduction Science, 182, 134-137.
    DOI Scopus3 WoS3 Europe PMC2
    2017 Seyfang, J., Kirkwood, R., Tilbrook, A., & Ralph, C. (2017). The pre-ovulatory luteinising hormone surge is affected by the sex ratio of a gilt's birth litter. Animal Production Science, 57(12), 2474.
    2016 Seyfang, J., Langendijk, P., Chen, T., Bouwman, E., & Kirkwood, R. (2016). Human chorionic gonadotrophin in early gestation induces growth of estrogenic ovarian follicles and improves primiparous sow fertility during summer. Animal Reproduction Science, 172, 21-25.
    DOI Scopus1 WoS1 Europe PMC1
    2015 Seyfang, J., Chen, T., Langendijk, P., & Kirkwood, R. (2015). Administration of human chorionic gonadotropin in early pregnancy increases ovarian activity in sows. Animal Production Science, 55(12), 1508.
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    2015 - ongoing Representative Roseworthy An-sci and Postgrad Students Society The University of Adelaide Australia

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