Jacob Sevastidis

Jacob Sevastidis

Higher Degree by Research Candidate

School of Biomedicine

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

I am currently aiming to complete my PhD in Medicine (Neuroscience) at the University of Adelaide within the school of biomedicine. My research explores the origin and capabilities of inter-neural brain synchronisation (IBNS), including its neurological underpinnings, modality and relationship to phenomenal consciousness. The goal is to further contextualise IBNS through inter-disciplinary research methods which incorporate ideas from evolutionary biology, anomalistic psychology, socio-cognitive neuroscience and philosophy of mind. Through this, we can re-examine human prosociality to understand its implications in the development of the modern human brain and discover how IBNS may influence our subjective interpretations of the experienced world.

My thesis investigates inter-neural brain synchronisation (IBNS) through an evolutionary, anomalistic and socio-cognitive lens. Underpinned by dual-monist perspectives of cognitive neuroscience, this research aims to explore the nature of IBNS and its relation to prosociality, information sharing/processing and phenomenal consciousness. 

Apart from my thesis, I am investigating cortical auditory brainstem response (cABR) comparisons between classical musicians and non-musicians. The goal is to investigate experience dependent changes to sub-cortical pathways related to sensory processing, and whether these changes are potentially influenced by musically-related neural plasticity within the primary cortex. This research reflects an emerging belief in neuroscience that the brainstem retains neural flexibility and is not as hard-wired as previously thought. 

PYCHOL 1006 - Casual Tutor Psychology Skills & Applications, University of Adelaide, 2022

PSYCHOL 3028/3029 - Casual Tutor Psychology/Research Internship, University of Adelaide, 2022

MEDIC ST  3503 - Casual Tutor Research Skills Development, University of Adelaide, 2024

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    2023 - 2024 Assessor - Undergraduate Florey Conference Conference University of Adelaide Australia

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