Jack Tatler

Jack Tatler

School of Biological Sciences

Faculty of Sciences

The main focus of my current research is on different aspects of dingo ecology. Specifically, I am investigating the spatio-temporal drivers behind their movement patterns, their diet in the arid zone, how their energy expenditure changes as a function of their surroundings, and the relationship between dingo 'purity' and phenotypic variation. I am also using accelerometers to classify specific behaviours of wild dingoes and study the diet of western quolls, cats and foxes.

The Australian Mammal Society Travel Award, 2017

Australian Wildlife Society, 2016

Sir Mark Mitchell Research Foundation, 2016

RM Edwards Scholarship, Nature Foundation of South Australia, 2016

Nature Foundation of South Australia, 2016

Joyce W. Vickery Scientific Research Fund, Linnean Society of NSW, 2016

Ecology Society of Australia Travel Award, 2016

Australian Geographic Society, 2015

Biological Society of South Australia, 2015

Nature Conservation Society of South Australia, 2015

Concepts in Ecology III (Demonstrator), 2017, University of Adelaide

Ecology II and Ecology for Engineers (Demonstrator), 2015-2016, University of Adelaide

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