Huaming Chen

Dr Huaming Chen

Grant-Funded Researcher

School of Computer Science

Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences

Eligible to supervise Masters and PhD (as Co-Supervisor) - email supervisor to discuss availability.

My current research area is on the topic at the intersection of machine learning, software engineering and cyber security. My research interests include applied machine learning, software engineering, computational intelligence and cyber security.

  • Journals

    Year Citation
    2020 Yong, B., Shen, J., Liu, X., Li, F., Chen, H., & Zhou, Q. (2020). An intelligent blockchain-based system for safe vaccine supply and supervision. International Journal of Information Management, 52, 1-12.
    DOI WoS15
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    DOI Scopus1
    2019 Brown, P., Zhou, Y., Tan, A. C., El-Esawi, M. A., Liehr, T., Blanck, O., . . . Tuttle, N. (2019). Large expert-curated database for benchmarking document similarity detection in biomedical literature search. Database, 2019, 1-67.
    DOI Scopus1 WoS4
    2018 Chen, H., Guo, W., Shen, J., Wang, L., & Song, J. (2018). Structural Principles Analysis of Host-Pathogen Protein-Protein Interactions: A Structural Bioinformatics Survey. IEEE Access, 6, 11760-11771.
    DOI Scopus9 WoS8
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    DOI WoS2
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    DOI WoS5
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    DOI WoS2
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    DOI WoS1
    Chen, H., Li, F., Wang, L., Jin, Y., Chi, C. -H., Kurgan, L., . . . Shen, J. (n.d.). Systematic evaluation of machine learning methods for identifying human–pathogen protein–protein interactions. Briefings in Bioinformatics.
    Zhou, Q., Chen, C., Zhang, G., Chen, H., Chen, D., Yan, Y., . . . Zhou, R. (n.d.). Real-Time Management of Groundwater Resources Based on Wireless Sensors Networks. Journal of Sensor and Actuator Networks, 7(1), 4.
  • Conference Papers

    Year Citation
    2020 Chen, H., Li, F., Sun, G., Zhang, X., Dong, X., Wang, L., . . . Shen, J. (2020). A Service Computing Framework for Proteomics Analysis and Collaboration of Pathogenic Mechanism Studies. In 2020 IEEE 13th International Conference on Services Computing (SCC) (pp. 463-465). online: IEEE.
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    DOI WoS1
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    DOI WoS2
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    DOI WoS7
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    DOI WoS2
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    DOI WoS4
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    DOI WoS1
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    DOI WoS8
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    DOI WoS1
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    DOI WoS1
  • Review, Assessment, Editorial and Advice

    Date Title Type Institution Country
    2020 - ongoing Reviewer for IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics Journal Review IEEE
    2020 - ongoing Grant Reviewer for UK Research and Innovation Grant Assessment UK Research and Innovation
    2020 - ongoing Reviewer for ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks Journal Review ACM
    2020 - ongoing Reviewer for Briefings in Bioinformatics Journal Review Oxford University Press
    2019 - ongoing Reviewer for International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems Journal Review Atlantis Press
    2018 - ongoing Reviewer for Transportation Research Record Journal Review SAGE
    2018 - ongoing Reviewer for TRB Annual Meeting Conference Review Transportation Research Board
    2018 - ongoing Reviewer for IEEE Access Journal Review IEEE
  • Position: Grant-Funded Researcher
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  • Campus: North Terrace
  • Building: Ingkarni Wardli, floor 5
  • Room: 545
  • Org Unit: School of Computer Science

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