Hrayr Matevosyan

Hrayr Matevosyan

School of Physics, Chemistry and Earth Sciences

Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Technology

I am theoretical physicist specializing in studying subatomic particles. My core interests are in exploring the most basic structure of matter using phenomenological models and exploiting numerical methods. I have a substantial experience in developing software utilizing high performance computing methods for performing large scale numerical computations.

My main research interests are in theoretical subatomic physics, including Hadronic, Nuclear and Particle Physics. In particular, I am interested in:

  • The elementary structure of the ordinary matter, describing how the protons and neutrons (nucleons) are made up of the elementary strongly interacting particles: quarks and gluons. 
  • Extraction of the 3-dimensional images of the nucleons from the current and planned experimental measurements at various medium energy physics laboratories world-wide. 
  • Modeling the process of hadronization, where the quarks and gluons within the nucleons are knocked out by a high energy probe and produce a shower of composite subatomic particles. Studying how the properties of the nucleons and the hadronization process are modified when inside of a large nucleus.
  • Investigation of the microscopic description of the nucleon-nucleon interaction force and their connection to the underlying theory of the strong interaction. Development of realistic models for calculations of the properties of heavy nuclei and neutron stars.
  • Applications of high performance computing techniques to the problems in hadronic and nuclear physics.

A first semester honours course in “Quantum Field Theory" at the Department of Physics of University of Adelaide  in 2013. 

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