Han Fang

Dr Han Fang


School of Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering

Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences

Eligible to supervise Masters and PhD (as Co-Supervisor) - email supervisor to discuss availability.

Dr. Han Fang is a Lecturer in Structural Engineering at the School of Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering, The University of Adelaide. She is also the Director of Internationalisation at the school. Her research focuses on interdisciplinary areas as advanced and functional construction materials and sustainable, self-sensing and resilient structures. Her research into functional materials and structural self-sensing and resilience has led to industry research and development of the use of functional materials for the monitoring and control of offshore oil and gas infrastructures. She is also contributing to incorporating the sustainable and flexibly-formed high strength steel polygonal structures, that she has been investigating, in automatic and modular construction of buildings.   

For her research interests into advanced and functional materials, she investigates a wide range of advanced and functional materials such as high strength steel, ultra-high performance concrete, geopolymer concrete, shape memory alloys and conductive concrete in order to apply them to best leverage the material advantages. She also proposes pioneering material constitutive models for predicting the mechanical, thermal or coupled properties for the life-cycle performance prediction and design of structures and infrastructures made of these materials. 

Furthermore, her research interest also aims to develop sustainable, self-sensing and resilient structures as the urgent global development target to prepare structures and infrastructures with mitigation and adaptability to climate change. Specifically, she investigates structures formed using aforementioned high strength materials and geopolymer concrete made of industry by-pass waste under critical loads and disaster and extreme working conditions. She develops the use of shape memory alloys in structures for structural monitoring and control. For these structures, her research also includes the development of unified design approaches that describe the structural mechanism and applicable to different critical loads and use of material strength for structures.

Dr. Han Fang also proactively commits as the organising committee member for leading international conferences. She has contributed as a member of the organising committees for 7th Asia-Pacific Conference on FRP in structures (2019) and 9th International Conference on Advances in Steel Structures (2018).  

  • Appointments

    Date Position Institution name
    2019 Lecturer The University of Adelaide
    2016 - 2019 Postdoctoral Fellow The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • Education

    Date Institution name Country Title
    2016 Monash University Australia Doctor of Philosophy
    2010 Monash University Australia Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Ist class honour)
  • Journals

    Year Citation
    2021 Fang, H., Chan, T. M., & Young, B. (2021). Experimental and Numerical Investigations of Octagonal High-Strength Steel Tubular Stub Columns under Combined Compression and Bending. Journal of Structural Engineering (United States), 147(1), 04020282.
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    DOI Scopus13 WoS8
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  • Conference Papers

    Year Citation
    2020 Fang, H., & Chan, T. (2020). Structural performance of hot-finished high strength steel square tubular stub columns at elevated temperatures. In Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Advances in Steel Structures, ICASS 2018 (pp. 1-10). online: The Hong Kong Institute of Steel Construction.
    2013 Fang, H., Wong, M., & Bai, Y. (2013). A new kinetic model for steel specific heat during phase transformation. In From Materials to Structures: Advancement Through Innovation - Proceedings of the 22nd Australasian Conference on the Mechanics of Structures and Materials, ACMSM 2012 (pp. 807-811).

Structural Steel Design (2019-); Structural Design Practice (2020); Introduction to Infrastructures (2020)

  • Position: Lecturer
  • Phone: 83135452
  • Email: han.fang@adelaide.edu.au
  • Campus: North Terrace
  • Building: Engineering North, floor N2
  • Room: N2 33B
  • Org Unit: School of Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering

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