Graeme Riddell

Mr Graeme Riddell

Research Fellow

School of Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering

Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences

Graeme is a researcher and consultant working on complex disaster and climate risk management challenges using data analysis, systems thinking and stakeholder engagement. Passionate about providing insights and evidence to invest in proactive disaster risk management and climate adaptation.

Advised governments at all levels, along with private companies, on the impacts of disaster and climate risks. This has included developing geo-spatial risk visualisation and analysis tools and engaging with users to integrate them into policy and planning frameworks

Achieves results by drawing on a range of techniques to engage broadly, develop consensus and catalyse action. Skilled in facilitation of workshops and training sessions, developing knowledge products, and disseminating leading research to a range of audiences.

Experienced in managing challenging projects with various stakeholders and conflicting objectives. Highly skilled in written and verbal communication to a range of audiences.

  • Journals

    Year Citation
    2020 Riddell, G., van Delden, H., Maier, H., & Zecchin, A. (2020). Tomorrow's disasters – Embedding foresight principles into disaster risk assessment and treatment. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, 45, 1-14.
    2020 Ward, P. J., Blauhut, V., Bloemendaal, N., Daniell, J. E., de Ruiter, M. C., Duncan, M. J., . . . Winsemius, H. C. (2020). Review article: Natural hazard risk assessments at the global scale. NATURAL HAZARDS AND EARTH SYSTEM SCIENCES, 20(4), 1069-1096.
    2019 Riddell, G. A., van Delden, H., Maier, H. R., & Zecchin, A. C. (2019). Exploratory scenario analysis for disaster risk reduction: Considering alternative pathways in disaster risk assessment. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF DISASTER RISK REDUCTION, 39, 19 pages.
    DOI WoS4
    2018 Riddell, G., van Delden, H., Dandy, G., Zecchin, A., & Maier, H. (2018). Enhancing the policy relevance of exploratory scenarios: generic approach and application to disaster risk reduction. Futures, 99, 1-15.
    DOI Scopus6 WoS6
    2017 Newman, J., Maier, H., Riddell, G., Zecchin, A., Daniell, J., Schaefer, A., . . . Newland, C. (2017). Review of literature on decision support systems for natural hazard risk reduction: Current status and future research directions. Environmental Modelling and Software, 96, 378-409.
    DOI Scopus29 WoS24
    2016 Maier, H., Guillaume, J., van Delden, H., Riddell, G., Haasnoot, M., & Kwakkel, J. (2016). An uncertain future, deep uncertainty, scenarios, robustness and adaptation: how do they fit together?. Environmental Modelling and Software, 81, 154-164.
    DOI Scopus126 WoS120
  • Conference Items

    Year Citation
    2015 Riddell, G. A., van Delden, H., Maier, H. R., & Zecchin, A. C. (2015). Applying an ‘outcomes of interest’ scenario framework to consider uncertainties impacting risk reduction policies. Poster session presented at the meeting of MODSIM 2015. Gold Coast, Australia.
    2015 Riddell, G. A., van delden, H., maier, H. R., & zecchin, A. C. (2015). Including land value in hazard mitigation planning. Poster session presented at the meeting of AFAC 2015. Adelaide, Australia.
    2014 Riddell, G. A., zecchin, A. C., Maier, H. R., & van Delden, H. (2014). Handling uncertainty in optimal decision-making for natural hazard mitigation planning. Poster session presented at the meeting of AFAC 2014. Wellington, New Zealand.
  • Datasets

    Year Citation
    Maier, H., Riddell, G., Delden, H. V., Zecchin, A., Dandy, G., & Araya, S. G. (n.d.). UNHaRMED - Unified Natural Hazard Risk Mitigation Exploratory Decision Support System.
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Tutur & Lecturer: Environmental Systems Dyanmics (Level 4 Course)

Tutor: Engineering Hydrology (Level 3 Course)

  • Memberships

    Date Role Membership Country
    2014 - ongoing Member Engineers Australia Australia
  • Position: Research Fellow
  • Phone: 83131113
  • Email:
  • Campus: North Terrace
  • Building: Engineering North, floor N2
  • Room: N2 21
  • Org Unit: School of Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering

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