Graeme Riddell

Mr Graeme Riddell

Research Fellow

School of Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering

Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences

Graeme is a researcher and consultant across the fields of urban planning, disaster risk and resilience. His work revolves around developing and applying innovative modelling and participatory approaches to tackle complex planning and policy issues. Graeme is currently a research fellow at the University of Adelaide (Australia) and associate consultant at RIKS, the Research Institute for Knowledge Systems (the Netherlands).

He is also a PhD Candidate at The University of Adelaide researching how to develop effective policies under conditions of complexity and uncertainty considering both robust and adaptive approaches

I am currently working on the Bushfire & Natural Hazard CRC project, Decision support system for policy and planning investment options for optimal natural hazard mitigation. My work on this involves development of integrated models to support long term decision making for disaster risk reduction policies. The system is being developed for South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania and considers several atural hazards such as flooding, bushfires, earthquakes and coastal inundation, with plans to expand the system and its applications further. 

I am also studying for my PhD in method to develop long term, efficacious risk reduction policies, under the supervision of Prof Holger Maier, A/Prof Hedwig van Delden and Dr Aaron Zecchin. This looks at combining qualitative and quantitative approaches to consider long term uncertainty and complexities and how to build this into our decision making to ensure policies continue to be effective.

Research skill and interests include:

  • - Integrated modelling
  • - Policy analysis
  • - Land use planning
  • - Risk management
  • - Coping with uncertainty and complexity in decision making
  • - Stakeholder engagement and facilitation
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Tutur & Lecturer: Environmental Systems Dyanmics (Level 4 Course)

Tutor: Engineering Hydrology (Level 3 Course)

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    Date Role Membership Country
    2014 - ongoing Member Engineers Australia Australia
  • Position: Research Fellow
  • Phone: 83131113
  • Email:
  • Campus: North Terrace
  • Building: Engineering North, floor N2
  • Room: N2 21
  • Org Unit: School of Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering

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