G M Wali Ullah

G M Wali Ullah

Higher Degree by Research Candidate

Adelaide Business School

Faculty of the Professions

Mr. Wali Ullah is a PhD Candidate in Corporate Finance at the University of Adelaide. He was awarded the Adelaide Scholarship International for his PhD research. He holds a MSc in International Finance (First Class Distinction) from University of Westminster, UK and BBA in Finance (Summa Cum Laude, Chancellor's Gold Medalist) from East West University, Bangladesh. Prior to undertaking his doctoral studies, Mr. Wali Ullah worked as a Lecturer of Finance at the School of Business, Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB) for four and a half years. He has published several journal articles, one book chapter and had his work presented in academic conferences in places i.e. Harvard University, USA, Malaysia, Indonesia, Greece and Turkey. He is currently working on his PhD under the supervision of Professor Alfred Yawson and Dr. Jane Luo. He also worked as the Teaching Assistant and Tutor for the postgraduate course - Principles of Finance (CORPFIN 7005).

Research Interest: Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Islamic Finance, Banking

  • Journals

    Year Citation
    2017 Ullah, G. M. W., Islam, A., Alam, M. S., & Khan, M. K. (2017). Effect of macroeconomic variables on stock market performance of SAARC countries. Asian Economic and Financial Review, 7(8), 770-779.
    2017 Ahmed, S. U., Sultana, E., Mahtab, H., Islam, M. Z., Hasan, I., Ullah, G. W., & Ahmed, S. P. (2017). Does it Pay to be Socially Responsible? Comparative Evidence from a Developing Country. Global Business Review, 18(5), 1134-1154.
    2017 Wali Ullah, G., Ahmed, S. U., Ahmed, S. P., & Jamshed, K. M. (2017). Do Multinational Companies Practice Good Corporate Governance? Empirical Evidence from Bangladesh. International Journal of Accounting and Financial Reporting, 7(2), 96.
    2016 Uddin Ahmed, S., Ullah, G. W., Parvez Ahmed, S., & Rahman, A. (2016). An Empirical Study on Corporate Governance and Islamic Bank Performance: A Case Study of Bangladesh. International Journal of Finance & Banking Studies (2147-4486), 5(4), 1.
    2016 Ahmed, S. U., Rahman, A., Ahmed, S. P., & Wali Ullah, G. (2016). Pricing Linkage between Islamic Banking and Conventional Banking: The Case of Bangladesh. International Journal of Finance & Banking Studies (2147-4486), 3(4), 84.
    2015 Ahmed, S., Ahmed, S., & Wali Ullah, G. (2015). Assimilation vs. integration: Dimensions and dynamics of contemporary integration policies of the UK. International Journal of Community Diversity, 15(3), 35-50.
  • Book Chapters

    Year Citation
    2016 Wali Ullah, G., Rashid, M., Hassan, M. K., & Min, H. S. (2016). Reporting of Zakat and Charitable Activities in Islamic Banks: Theory and Practice in a Multi-cultural Setting. In M. K. Hassan (Ed.), Handbook of Empirical Research on Islam and Economic Life (pp. 163-192). Edward Elgar Publishing.
  • Received grant of BDT 80,000 for the project “Impact of Corporate Governance on the Financial Performance of Multinational Companies of Bangladesh” from CBRP Research Grant 2017 with Kazi Md. Jamshed.
  • Received grant of BDT 150,000 for the project “Sustainability of a Third Generation Commercial Bank in Bangladesh: Analysis of Its Business Model” from CBRP Research Grant 2016 with Dr. Samiul Parvez Ahmed, Naheem Mahtab and Sumita Das.

Currently Mr. Wali Ullah is working as a Tutor and Teaching Assistant for the following postgraduate course at the University of Adelaide:

  • Principles of Finance (CORPFIN 7005)

Previously he taught the following undergraduate courses during his time at Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB):

  • Introduction to Finance (FIN 201)
  • Business Finance I and II (FIN 301 and 302)
  • Banking and Finance (FIN 401)
  • Management of Financial Institutions (FIN 405)
  • Investment Management (FIN 460)
  • International Financial Management (FIN 480)
  • Business Research Methods for Accounting and Finance (BUS 485)
  • Introduction to International Business (INB 301)


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