Dr Fien Degryse

Jozefien Degryse
Senior Research Fellow
School of Agriculture, Food and Wine
Faculty of Sciences

Fien Degryse joined the Fertiliser Technology Research Centre (FTRC) at the University Adelaide in 2010. The FTRC focuses on the understanding of fundamental processes controlling fertiliser efficiency, using a combination of chemical, spectroscopic and radio-isotopic techniques, as well as pot and field trials. Her other research interests include speciation, mobility and bioavailability of metals in terrestrial and aquatic systems.

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Dr Fien Degryse

Fien Degryse joined the Fertiliser Technology Research Centre (FTRC) at the University Adelaide in 2010. The FTRC focuses on the understanding of fundamental processes controlling fertiliser efficiency, using a combination of chemical, spectroscopic and radio-isotopic techniques, as well as pot and field trials. Her other research interests include speciation, mobility and bioavailability of metals in terrestrial and aquatic systems.

Research interests:

  • Crop nutrition and fertiliser use
  • Distribution and transport of heavy metals in soils
  • Speciation of metals in soil, soil solution and water
  • Bioavailability of heavy metals to plants, algae, Caco2-cells
  • Speciation and availability of phosphorus in soils
  • Sorption and fixation of radiocaesium in soils and clay minerals



Date Position Institution name
2010 Senior Research Fellow University of Adelaide
2003 - 2010 Postdoctoral Researcher University of Leuven


Date Institution name Country Title
1999 - 2003 University of Leuven Belgium PhD (Environmental Sciences)
1994 - 1999 University of Leuven Belgium BSc + MSc Bioengineering


Date Citation
2017 Zhao,C, Gupta,VVSR, Degryse,F, McLaughlin,MJ, 2017, Abundance and diversity of sulphur-oxidising bacteria and their role in oxidising elemental sulphur in cropping soils, Biology and Fertility of Soils, 53, 2, 159-169 10.1007/s00374-016-1162-0
2017 Zhao,C, Gupta,V, Degryse,F, McLaughlin,M, 2017, Effects of pH and ionic strength on elemental sulphur oxidation in soil, Biology and Fertility of Soils, 53, 2, 247-256 10.1007/s00374-016-1170-0
2017 Degryse,F, Baird,R, da Silva,RC, McLaughlin,MJ, 2017, Dissolution rate and agronomic effectiveness of struvite fertilizers - effect of soil pH, granulation and base excess, Plant and Soil, 410, 1, 139-152 10.1007/s11104-016-2990-2
2017 Mattiello,E, Da Silva,R, Degryse,F, Baird,R, Gupta,V, McLaughlin,M, 2017, Sulfur and zinc availability from co-granulated Zn-Enriched rlemental sulfur fertilizers, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 65, 6, 1108-1115 10.1021/acs.jafc.6b04586
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2016 Degryse,F, Da Silva,R, Baird,R, McLaughlin,M, 2016, Effect of cogranulation on oxidation of elemental sulfur: Theoretical model and experimental validation, Soil Science Society of America Journal, 80, 5, 1244-1253 10.2136/sssaj2016.02.0054
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2015 McLaughlin,M, Abat,M, Degryse,F, Baird,R, McLaughlin,M, 2015, Slow-release boron fertilizers: co-granulation of boron sources with mono-ammonium phosphate (MAP)., Soil Research, 53, 5, 505-511 10.1071/SR14128
2015 Montalvo,D, Degryse,F, McLaughlin,M, 2015, Natural colloidal P and its contribution to plant P uptake, Environmental Science and Technology, 49, 6, 3427-3434 10.1021/es504643f
2015 Montalvo,D, Degryse,F, McLaughlin,M, 2015, Correction to Natural Colloidal P and Its Contribution to Plant P Uptake, Environmental Science and Technology, 49, 13, 8267- 10.1021/acs.est.5b02574
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2015 Abat,M, Degryse,F, Baird,R, McLaughlin,MJ, 2015, Boron phosphates (BPO₄) as a seedling-safe boron fertilizer source, Plant and Soil, 391, 1, 153-160 10.1007/s11104-015-2424-6
2015 Abat,M, Degryse,F, Baird,R, McLaughlin,MJ, 2015, Responses of Canola to the Application of Slow-Release Boron Fertilizers and Their Residual Effect, Soil Science Society of America Journal, 79, 1, 97-103 10.2136/sssaj2014.07.0280
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2014 Montalvo,D, Degryse,F, McLaughlin,MJ, 2014, Fluid fertilizers improve phosphorus diffusion but not lability in andisols and oxisols, Soil Science Society of America Journal, 78, 1, 214-224 10.2136/sssaj2013.02.0075
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2002 Smolders,E, Degryse,F, 2002, Fate and effect of zinc from tire debris in soil, Environmental Science and Technology, 36, 17, 3706-3710 10.1021/es025567p

Book Chapters

Date Citation
2016 Degryse,JL, Smolders,E, 2016, DGT and bioavailability, Cambridge University Press, United Kingdom, pp. 216-262
2011 McLaughlin,MJ, Smolders,E, Degryse,JL, Rietra,R, 2011, Uptake of metals from soil into vegetables., pp. 325-367
2006 Smolders,E, Degryse,JL, 2006, Fixation of cadmium and zinc in soils: implications for risk assessment, pp. 157-172

Conference Items

Date Citation
2014 Degryse,F, da Silva,RC, Baird,R, McLaughlin,MJ, 2014, Field measurement of sulphur uptake by crops from fertilizer sulphate or elemental sulphur, using a stable isotope technique, ASA, CSSA, SSSA Annual Meetings, Long Beach, CA, USA


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2011 Member Soil Science Society of America United States
2011 Member Soil Science Australia Australia

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2015 Secretary Soil Science Australia (SA Branch)

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2006 - 2011 Associate Editor Journal of Environmental Quality
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