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Eryk Andreas

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My long-standing goals are to understand epigenetics regulation mechanism in oocyte and preimplantation embryo development and how epigenetics changes during early embryo development could affect offspring post-natal life. I focus on the effect of metabolic stress in female such as ageing and obesity, on oocytes, embryos and offspring long-term health. Ageing and obesity in female oftentimes share similar spectrum of phenotypic, especially mitochondria i.e. low mitochondrial number, abnormal mitochondrial morphology and impaired mitochondrial function. Since mitochondria are maternally inherited, defective mitochondria in the oocyte could be inherited to the next generation and possess potential risk to the offspring long-term health. Better understanding of how abnormal mitochondria are formed, provide potential information to prevent mitochondrial defect and its inheritance to the next generation.

  • Journals

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    2022 Umehara, T., Winstanley, Y. E., Andreas, E., Morimoto, A., Williams, E. J., Smith, K. M., . . . Robker, R. L. (2022). Female reproductive life span is extended by targeted removal of fibrotic collagen from the mouse ovary. . Science advances, 8(24), eabn4564.
    2021 Andreas, E., Winstanley, Y. E., & Robker, R. L. (2021). Effect of obesity on the ovarian follicular environment and developmental competence of the oocyte. Current Opinion in Endocrine and Metabolic Research, 18, 152-158.
    DOI Scopus1
    2021 Andreas, E., Pandey, H. O., Hoelker, M., Salilew-Wondim, D., Gebrmedhn, S., Schellander, K., & Tesfaye, D. (2021). The regulatory role of miR-20a in bovine cumulus cells and its contribution to oocyte maturation. Zygote: the biology of gametes and early embryos, 29(6), 435-444.
    DOI Scopus1 Europe PMC1
    2019 Andreas, E., Reid, M., Zhang, W., & Moley, K. H. (2019). The effect of maternal high-fat/high-sugar diet on offspring oocytes and early embryo development. Molecular human reproduction, 25(11), 717-728.
    DOI Scopus14 Europe PMC8
    2017 Andreas, E., Salilew-Wondim, D., Rings, F., Held, E., Hoelker, M., Neuhoff, C., . . . Tesfaye, D. (2017). 176 REGULATORY ROLE OF miR-20a DURING BOVINE OOCYTE MATURATION. Reproduction, Fertility and Development, 29(1), 196.
    2016 Andreas, E., Hoelker, M., Neuhoff, C., Tholen, E., Schellander, K., Tesfaye, D., & Salilew-Wondim, D. (2016). MicroRNA 17–92 cluster regulates proliferation and differentiation of bovine granulosa cells by targeting PTEN and BMPR2 genes. Cell and Tissue Research, 366(1), 219-230.
    DOI Scopus41 Europe PMC19
    2015 Arief, I. I., Budiman, C., Jenie, B. S. L., Andreas, E., & Yuneni, A. (2015). Plantaricin IIA-1A5 from Lactobacillus plantarum IIA-1A5 displays bactericidal activity against Staphylococcus aureus. Beneficial Microbes, 6(4), 603-613.
    DOI Scopus26 Europe PMC6
  • Conference Papers

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    2016 Andreas, E., Salilew-Wondim, D., Rings, F., Held, E., Hoelker, M., Neuhoff, C., . . . Tesfaye, D. (2016). The role of miR-20a during bovine oocyte maturation. In fghfdg. Hannover, Germany.
    2015 Andreas, E., Salilew-Wondim, D., Hoelker, M., Neuhoff, C., Tholen, E., Looft, C., . . . Tesfaye, D. (2015). The role of microRNA 17-92 cluster on bovine granulosa cell differentiation and proliferation. In Vortragstagung der DGfZ und GfT. Berlin, Germany.
  • Conference Items

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    2016 Andreas, E., Salilew-Wondim, D., Hoelker, M., Neuhoff, C., Tholen, E., Looft, C., . . . Tesfaye, D. (2016). 142 microRNA-17-92 CLUSTER REGULATES BOVINE GRANULOSA CELL FUNCTION BY TARGETING BMPR2 AND PTEN GENES. Poster session presented at the meeting of Reproduction, Fertility and Development. Louisville, Kentucky USA: CSIRO Publishing.

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