Emma Kemp

Emma Kemp

School of Psychology

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

I have diverse research interests; having completed my PhD in the area of children's forgiveness at the University of Adelaide I maintain a interest in children's social psychology and forgiveness research in particular. I am also employed as a Research Associate in psycho-oncology and cancer survivorship at Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer (Flinders University) and am interested in all aspects of psycho-oncology and cancer survivorship including the development and implementation of digital health applications in this area.

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    Year Citation
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    DOI Scopus7 Europe PMC2
    2017 Beatty, L., Kemp, E., Binnion, C., Turner, J., Milne, D., Butow, P., . . . Koczwara, B. (2017). Uptake and adherence to an online intervention for cancer-related distress: older age is not a barrier to adherence but may be a barrier to uptake. Supportive Care in Cancer, 25(6), 1905-1914.
    2017 Beatty, L., Binnion, C., Kemp, E., & Koczwara, B. (2017). A qualitative exploration of barriers and facilitators to adherence to an online self-help intervention for cancer-related distress. Supportive Care in Cancer, 25(8), 2539-2548.
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    DOI Scopus10 Europe PMC8

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