Dr Emma Knight

Emma Knight
Senior Statistician - Friday only
School of Public Health
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Emma is a Senior Statistician at the Data, Design and Statistics Service of Adelaide Health Technology Assessment, School of Public Health. She leads the Robinson Research Institute Biostatistics Facility, collaborating with researchers and applying statistical methodologies to underpin high quality research.

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Dr Emma Knight

Emma is a Senior Statistician at the Data, Design and Statistics Service of Adelaide Health Technology Assessment, School of Public Health. She leads the Robinson Research Institute Biostatistics Facility, collaborating with researchers and applying statistical methodologies to underpin high quality research.


Date Position Institution name
2016 Senior Statistician University of Adelaide, Adelaide


Date Institution name Country Title
2008 University of Adelaide, Adelaide Australia PhD
1998 University of Adelaide, Adelaide Australia BSc First Class Honours Statistics
1997 University of Adelaide, Adelaide Australia BSc Mathematics and Computer Science


Date Title Institution name Country
Accredited Statistician Statistical Society of Australia


Year Citation
2018 Raper, D., Witchalls, J., Philips, E., Knight, E., Drew, M. & Waddington, G. (2018). Use of a tibial accelerometer to measure ground reaction force in running: A reliability and validity comparison with force plates. Journal of science and medicine in sport, 21, 1, 84-88.
2017 Bryant, R. V., Costello, S. P., Schoeman, S., Sathananthan, D., Knight, E., Lau, S. -. Y. ... Andrews, J. M. (2017). Limited uptake of ulcerative colitis 'treat to target' recommendations in real-world practice.. Journal of gastroenterology and hepatology, -.
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Date Role Membership Country
1998 - ongoing Statistical Society of Australia
Senior Statistician - Friday only
North Terrace
Adelaide Health and Medical Sciences Building
Room Number
Org Unit
Adelaide Health Technology Assessment