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Associate Professor Emma Baker

Emma Baker is an ARC Future Fellow and Reader in Housing. She has a PhD in Geography and BA (Hons.) from Adelaide University. Her PhD thesis was entitled "Public Housing Tenant Relocation: Residential Mobility, Satisfaction, and the Development of a Tenant's Spatial Decision Support System". She has previously held a National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Post-Doctoral Fellowship focussed on examining the relationship between health and housing.

Her work examines the impact of housing and location in urban and regional environments, producing academic, as well as policy-relevant research. Dr Baker's recent publications include analyses of the housing implications of economic, social, and spatial change in Australia, work quantifying health effects of housing tenure and affordability, research on the effects of precarious and vulnerable housing. Her current ARC Future fellowship investigates multiple housing problems and their effects on health and wellbeing.    


Date Position Institution name
2014 Associate Professor University of Adelaide

Awards and Achievements

Date Type Title Institution Name Amount
2015 2015 Executive Deans Award for Excellence in Research University of Adelaide
2015 2015 Berry award for Excellence in Housing Research
2014 Executive Dean’s Commendation for Excellence in Research University of Adelaide
2011 VicHealth Award for outstanding achievements and innovative contributions to health promotion VicHealth
2006 Australian Housing Minister’s Early Career Researcher Award


Date Institution name Country Title
1998 - 2002 University of Adelaide Australia PhD


Geospatial Information Systems, Housing Markets, Development, Management


Date Citation
2017 Baker,E, Lester,L, 2017, Multiple housing problems: A view through the housing niche lens, Cities, 62, 146-151 10.1016/j.cities.2016.10.001
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2016 Baker,E, Bentley,R, lester,L, Beer,A, 2016, Housing affordability and residential mobility as drivers of locational inequality, Applied Geography, 72, 65-75 10.1016/j.apgeog.2016.05.007
2016 Bentley,R, Baker,E, Blakely,T, 2016, Invited Commentary: Harnessing Housing Natural Experiments Is Important, but Beware Differential Misclassification of Difference in Difference, American Journal of Epidemiology, 184, 6, 430-433 10.1093/aje/kww053
2016 Bentley,RJ, Pevalin,D, Baker,E, Mason,K, Reeves,A, Beer,A, 2016, Housing affordability, tenure and mental health in Australia and the United Kingdom: a comparative panel analysis, Housing Studies, 31, 2, 208-222 10.1080/02673037.2015.1070796
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2016 Coffee,N, Lange,J, Baker,E, 2016, Visualising 30 years of population density change in Australia’s major capital cities, Australian Geographer, 47, 4, 511-525 10.1080/00049182.2016.1220901
2015 Kavanagh,A, Krnjacki,L, Aitken,Z, LaMontagne,A, Beer,A, Baker,E, Bentley,R, 2015, Intersections between disability, type of impairment, gender and socio-economic disadvantage in a nationally representative sample of 33,101 working-aged Australians, Disability and Health Journal, 8, 2, 191-199 10.1016/j.dhjo.2014.08.008
2015 Baker,EL, Bentley,R, 2015, 'Slippers’ and ‘stickers’: the hidden victims of rising house prices, The Conversation, -
2015 Baker,E, Mason,K, Bentley,R, 2015, Measuring housing affordability: a longitudinal approach, Urban Policy and Research, 33, 3, 275-290 10.1080/08111146.2015.1034853
2015 Baker,EL, bentley,R, 2015, You call that affordable? How our thinking on housing has become skewed, The Guardian, -
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2013 Mason,K, Baker,E, Blakely,T, Bentley,R, 2013, Housing affordability and mental health: does the relationship differ for renters and home purchasers?, Social Science & Medicine, 94, 91-97 10.1016/j.socscimed.2013.06.023
2013 Baker,E, Lester,L, Beer,A, 2013, Housing assistance: exploring benefits beyond shelter, Sage Open, 3, 3, 1-10 10.1177/2158244013491949
2013 Baker,E, Bentley,R, Mason,K, 2013, The mental health effects of housing tenure: causal or compositional?, Urban Studies, 50, 2, 426-442 10.1177/0042098012446992
2012 Baker,E, Arthurson,K, 2012, AUSTRALIAN PLANNER DECEMBER 2007: Housing, place or social networks: What's more important for relocating tenants?, Australian Planner, 49, 4, 315-326 10.1080/07293682.2012.732007
2012 Bentley,R, Baker,E, Mason,K, 2012, Cumulative exposure to poor housing affordability and its association with mental heatlh in men and women, Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, 66, 9, 761-766 10.1136/jech-2011-200291
2011 Bentley,R, Baker,E, Mason,K, Subramanian,S, Kavanagh,A, 2011, Association between housing affordability and mental health: A longitudinal analysis of a nationally representative household survey in Australia, American Journal of Epidemiology, 174, 7, 753-760 10.1093/aje/kwr161
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2007 Baker,E, Arthurson,K, 2007, Housing, place or social networks: What's more important for relocating tenants?, Australian Planner, 44, 4, 28-35 10.1080/07293682.2007.9982612
2007 Baker,E, Beer,A, 2007, Developing a workable model of housing need: Applying geographical concepts and techniques to a problem of public policy, Applied Geography, 27, 3-4, 165-180 10.1016/j.apgeog.2007.07.005

Book Chapters

Date Citation
2016 Baker,EL, bentley,R, beer,A, 2016, Why 100 years without slum housing in Australia is coming to an end, pp. 91-93
2016 Stone,W, Baker,E, Ralston,L, Phibbs,P, Bentley,R, 2016, By 2030, ‘no Australian child will be living in poverty’ – why can’t we promise
that?, Melbourne University Press, Melbourne, pp. n/a-n/a
2012 Beer,A, Baker,E, 2012, Adaptation, adjustment and leadership in Australia's rural margins, Routledge, United Kingdom, pp. 103-120 10.4324/9780203107058

Conference Papers

Date Citation
2015 Baker,EL, Bentley,R, lester,L, 2015, Residential mobility and the role of housing affordability in spatial sorting, European Network of Housing Researchers, Lisbon, Portugal
2014 Baker,E, Lester,L, Bentley,R, Beer,A, Pevalin,D, Whitehead,C, 2014, The Development and Testing of an Index of Housing Insults, European Network of Housing Researchers, Edinburgh
2013 Lester,L, Baker,E, Beer,A, 2013, The ROC and role of the 30% rule, Australasian Housing Researchers' Conference, Fremantle
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2007 Baker,E, 2007, Generational reform: the health implications of housing change, European Network of Housing Researchers Conference, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
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2000 Baker,E, 2000, Public Housing Relocation - A Re-examination and Proposed Approach, Housing in the 21st Century: Fragmentation and Reorientation, Gavle, Sweden

Conference Items

Date Citation
2017 Baker,EL, Stone,W, Bentley,R, Phibbs,P, 2017, Housing Australia’s children and young people: Toward an essential policy and intervention evidence base, Australasian Housing Researchers Conference, Melbourne
2017 Bentley,R, Baker,EL, Daniel,L, Lester,L, 2017, Are there lifetime health effects of inadequate housing during childhood?, Australasian Housing Researchers Conference, Melbourne
2017 Daniel,L, Baker,EL, Lester,L, 2017, Material deprivation: Housing affordability risk made real, Australasian Housing Researchers Conference, Melbourne
2016 Baker,E, Lester,L, Mason,K, Bentley,R, 2016, Evidence on the long run health effects of unaffordable housing, European Netowrk of Housing Researchers, Belfast, Ireland
2016 Lange,J, Coffee,N, Baker,E, 2016, Donut & Latte Densities - Analysing Urban Population Change Between Cities and Over Time, Spatial Information Day (SID) 2017, Adelaide, South Australia

Report for External Bodies

Date Citation
2014 Peters,K, Thredgold,C, Baker,E, 2014, Informing Future Development in Kilburn and Blair Athol
2013 Baker,EL, Lester,L, Beer,A, Bunce,D, 2013, Households responses to declining housing affordability, University of Adelaide
2013 Beer,A, Synnot,C, Baker,E, Slatter,M, Womersley,R, Talbot,C, Wilson,G, 2013, Working to 'Turn off the Tap' : The role of frontline services in addressing homelessness. 2013 (Australia), Department for Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs, Online
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2010 Flood,J, Baker,E, 2010, Housing implications of economic, social and spatial change, AHURI,
2009 Flood,J, Baker,E, 2009, Housing implications of economic, social, and spatial change - key issues, AHURI,

Original Creative Works

Date Citation
2016 Bentley,R, Baker,E, Reeves,A, 2016, Housing: the hidden health intervention, The Conversation
2016 Baker,EL, Bentley,R, Beer,A, 2016, Good Quality Housing in Australia? Get Real!, Sydney, Shelter NSW
2016 Baker,EL, Coffee,N, Lange,J, 2016, Density, sprawl, growth: how Australian cities have changed in the last 30 years, The Conversation
2016 Baker,E, beer,A, Bentley,R, 2016, Why 100 years without slum housing in Australia is coming to an end, The Conversation
2016 Baker,E, Stone,W, Ralston,L, Phibbs,P, Bentley,R, 2016, By 2030, ‘no Australian child will be living in poverty’ – why can’t we promise that?, The Conversation

Recent Grant Funding 

Baker, E, Beer, A, Zillante, G, London, K, Bentley, R, Hulse, K, Pawson, H,, Randolph, B, Ridley, Stone, W, An Australian Housing Condition Data Infrastructure, ARC LEIF grant,

Baker, E, Improving the health and wellbeing of poorly housed Australians: understanding and responding to multiple housing deficit, ARC FUTURE FELLOWSHIP.

Baker, E, Beer, A, Bentley, R, Pevalin, D, Whitehead, C Pathways to Health and Wellbeing through Housing: A new Causal Understanding of Relationships, Processes and Interventions.ARC DISCOVERY PROJECT.

Bentley R, Baker E, Mallett S, LaMontagne A, Beer A, Kavanagh A, Keys D, Kolar V. New directions in health inequalities research: Understanding the intersection between housing, employment and health in Australia ARC LINKAGE PROJECT.

Kavanagh AM, Bentley R, LaMontagne A, Baker E, Beer A. The importance of gender and socioeconomic disadvantage for the mental health of people living with disabilities. ARC LINKAGE PROJECT.

Beer, A, Baker, E., Wood, G. Housing Assistance and the Life Course: Understanding the Impact of Policy Alternatives, ARC LINKAGE PROJECT. 


    Recent teaching

    2016, Architecture and Planning Development Studio, University of Adelaide.

    2014, Convenor and lecturer, Geographic Information Systems, University of Adelaide.

    PhD Supervision

    • Amity James - Growing Old in Non metropolitan Regions, (awarded December 2009)
    • Janet Adkins - Precarious Housing, Psychological Wellbeing and Mobility: Imposition or Enhancement? (awarded August 2011)
    • Johannes Pieters - Exploring the process of adjustment to retrenchment: Putting home in its place (awarded October 2012)
    • Jasmine Palmer – Unlocking the black-box of medium density housing provision in Australia (current).


    Date Role Membership Country
    2000 Member European Network of Housing Researchers Netherlands

    Board Memberships

    Date Role Board name Institution name Country
    2014 Member Centre for Housing, Urban and Regional Planning Reference Committee University of Adelaide Australia

    Offices Held

    Date Office Name Institution Country
    2016 Coordinator, Residential Context of Health Working Group European Network of Housing Researchers Sweden
    ARC Future Fellow
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