Emily Skelly

Ms Emily Skelly

Higher Degree by Research Candidate


School of Biological Sciences

Faculty of Sciences

While my research is concentrated on human oral microbiome (exploration of the microbial ecosystem of the human mouth, how it has adapted and evolved throughout human history, and how those past events influences human oral health today), my PhD candidature is the manifestation of my passion for knowledge and my enthusiasm for learning.

Graduating from the University of Western Ontario (Canada) specialising in anthropology and biology, combined with an employment history in a microbiology laboratory and an orthodontic clinic, has encouraged an ambition for career in science. With strong analytical proficiency, fantastic interpersonal communication, and accomplished organizational expertise, I’m always looking for new challenges, experiences, and opportunities.

I can be contacted directly at: emily.skelly@adelaide.edu.au

The human microbiome (i.e. the microorganisms living on and within the human body, including their genomic content and products, as well as the proteins and metabolites of the environment) has already proven vital in the physiological development and wellbeing of human health.
Using the only reliable source of ancient human-associated microbial DNA - calcified dental plaque - I am reconstructing the oral microbial ecosystem (the oral microbiome) that was present during past lifetimes. Correlating the reconstructed microbial functions and composition with anthropological interpretations contributes greater understanding the various factors that influence the microbial communities that live on and within the human body. 
My research project looks to understand how human colonialism, one of the most dramatic socio-cultural events of human history, has impacted the human microbiome. This is especially paramount in understanding the potential microbial consequences of the dramatic and permanent changes endured by Indigenous populations, whose contemporary health is, globally, significantly worse than their non-Indigenous counterparts.

  • Position: Student
  • Phone: 83135148
  • Email: emily.skelly@adelaide.edu.au
  • Campus: North Terrace
  • Building: Darling, floor 2
  • Room: 2 05A
  • Org Unit: School of Biological Sciences

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