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Elizabeth Beckett
Senior Lecturer
Adelaide Medical School
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

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Dr Elizabeth Beckett

Elizabeth is a member of the Adelaide Education Academy, performing an education specialist role within the Faculty of Health Sciences at The University of Adelaide. Elizabeth teaches widely into the undergraduate Bachelor of Health & Medical Sciences, Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) and Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) programs and is actively involved in curriculum design and assessment within these programs.  Elizabeth is co-convenor of the Medical Sciences Major and serves as a program advisor for the Bachelor of Health & Medical Science program. In conjunction with Dr. Renee Turner in the School of Medical Sciences, Dr. Elizabeth Beckett runs a Biology Bridging Course prior to O-week for students entering into Bachelor of Health & Medical Science and Bachelor of Nursing programs.

Elizabeth is also interested investigating the efficacy of particular teaching approaches, including small group discovery, and the use of digital interactive resources within health science undergraduate programs.

Additional research interests focus on the autonomic regulation of, and pacemaking activities within, visceral smooth muscles (including the gastrointestinal tract and uterus) and the involvement of the neuro-immune axis in the development of pathophysiological conditions including endometriosis and gastrointestinal disorders including inflammatory bowel disease and colitis.


Date Position Institution name
2015 Senior Lecturer Level C University of Adelaide
2008 - 2014 Lecturer Level B University of Adelaide


Date Institution name Country Title
2000 - 2004 University of Nevada, Reno United States PhD (Cellular & Molecular Physiology & Pharmacology)
1996 - 2000 Queen's University Belfast United Kingdom BSc Hons (Physiology)


Date Title Institution name Country
2014 Graduate Certificate of Education (Higher Education) University of Adelaide Australia


Date Citation
2017 Beckett,E, Sanders,K, Ward,S, 2017, Inhibitory responses mediated by vagal nerve stimulation are diminished in stomachs of mice with reduced intramuscular interstitial cells of Cajal, Scientific Reports, 7, 1-11 10.1038/srep44759
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2015 Dodds,K, Staikopoulos,V, Beckett,E, 2015, Uterine contractility in the nonpregnant mouse: changes during the estrous cycle and effects of chloride channel blockade, Biology of Reproduction, 92, 6, 141-1-141-15 10.1095/biolreprod.115.129809
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2000 Ward,S, Beckett,E, Wang,X, Baker,F, Khoyi,M, Sanders,K, 2000, Interstitial cells of Cajal mediate cholinergic neurotransmission from enteric motor neurons, Journal of Neuroscience, 20, 4, 1393-1403

Book Chapters

Date Citation
2017 Beckett,EA, Young,HM, Bornstein,JC, Jadcherla,SR, 2017, Development of Gut Motility, Springer, Switzerland, pp. 21-37 10.1007/978-3-319-43268-7
2013 Young,H, Spencer,E, Bornstein,J, Jadcherla,S, 2013, Development of gut motility, Springer, United States, pp. 23-35 10.1007/978-1-60761-709-9_3

Conference Papers

Date Citation
2015 Dodds,K, Beckett,E, Staikopoulos,V, Evans,S, Hutchinson,M, 2015, Novel mouse model of endometriosis permits identification of spinal glia and nociception characteristics involved in pelvic pain, 25th Biennial Meeting of the International-Society-for-Neurochemistry Jointly with the 13th Meeting of the Asian-Pacific-Society-for-Neurochemistry in Conjunction with the 35th Meeting of the Australasian-Neuroscience-Society, Cairns, AUSTRALIA
2005 Beckett,E, Troung,H, McCloskey,C, Takeda,Y, Sanders,KM, Koh,SD, 2005, Effects of female steroid hormoneS on the expression of potassium currents in murine colonic myocytes, 49th Annual Meeting of the Biopysical-Society, Long Beach, CA

Elizabeth is the course coordinator of Physiology IIB: Systems & Homeostasis, a level II undergraduate physiology course. Physiology IIB focuses on the physiological systems that underpin the body's regulation of its internal environment. Themes include: the role of endocrine glands and their hormones; the function of the central and peripheral nervous systems in sensing and responding to changes in the external environment; the gastrointestinal tract in providing nutrition to the body and; the renal system in regulation of fluid and ion levels. In practicals students undertake research experiments that are designed to reinforce the themes covered in the course and promote a deeper understanding of research methods, ethical considerations in medical research and data processing in scientific research. 

Elizabeth is co-convenor of the Medical Sciences Major and serves as a program advisor for the Bachelor of Health & Medical Science program. In conjunction with Dr. Renee Turner in the School of Medical Sciences, Dr. Elizabeth Beckett runs a Biology Bridging Course prior to O-week for students entering into Bachelor of Health & Medical Science and Bachelor of Nursing programs.

Co-supervisor to: Kelsi Dodds (PhD candidate), "Neuro-immune involvement in the development of endometriosis"  Discipline of Physiology, School of Medicine [Principal supervisor: Prof. Mark Hutchinson]

Committee Memberships

Date Role Committee Institution Country
2013 Board Member MBBS level 1 committee University Of Adelaide Australia
Senior Lecturer
North Terrace
Medical School North
Room Number
4 17
Org Unit
Medical Sciences