Ebtihal Mustafa

Mrs Ebtihal Mustafa

PhD Student - DRMCRL

Adelaide Medical School

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences


Estrogen receptor α negative (ER-) breast cancer is an aggressive subtype with limited therapeutic targets. The androgen receptor (AR) is a promising target in ER- disease, but existing preclinical data is inconsistent. Other candidate targets are transcriptional cyclin-dependent kinases 9 (CDK9) due to high rates of transcription characteristics of aggressive disease. However, targeting CDKs has been hampered by the poor selectivity of existing inhibitors. My research work aims to define the mechanisms of AR-regulated proliferation in ER- breast cancer and evaluates the efficacy of novel CDK9 inhibitors with and without AR targeted therapies, to provide preclinical evidence for a new therapeutic strategy.  

Cellular Biochemistry and Physiology Lab Supervisor. Jul. 2013 - June 2017. Teaching the practical part of medical physiology for medical and dental students Dep. of Physiology & Biochemistry- Faculty of Medicine/ University of Jordan.

Lecturer Oct. 2011- Aug. 2012 Teaching theoretical & practical part of general biology, biochemistry, genetics & zoology Dep. of Biology & Biotechnology - Tabuk University/ KSA. 

Lecturer Feb. 2010- May. 2011 Teaching practical part of general biology, biochemistry, tissue culture, recombinant DNA, ecology, hematology, genetics, human physiology, animal biology & histology
Dep. of Biology & Biotechnology – Faculty of Science / The Hashemite University. 

Student Teaching Assistant Feb. 2008- May. 2010
Coordinated practical sessions of several biology courses
Dep. of Biology & Biotechnology – Faculty of Science / The Hashemite University.

  • Position: PhD Student - DRMCRL
  • Phone: 83136869
  • Email: ebtihal.mustafa@adelaide.edu.au
  • Campus: North Terrace
  • Building: Adelaide Health and Medical Sciences, floor 8
  • Room: WS8050.10
  • Org Unit: Medical Specialties

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