Duc-Truc Pham

Duc-Truc Pham

Higher Degree by Research Candidate

School of Agriculture, Food and Wine

Faculty of Sciences

Warmer weather and changes to grape ripening dynamics have contributed to higher alcohol content in wine, which may increase alcohol hotness and is therefore considered as negatively impacting on wine quality. Winemakers, seeking to correct this trend, have sought various technological innovations to produce ‘reduced alcohol wines’ (RAW) and develop a sensory methodology to find the optimal ethanol content for RAW, known as the alcohol sweetspot. However, it is still unclear how optimal ethanol levels for RAW can be determined and whether or not the alcohol sweetspot phenomenon and sweetspotting methodology using sensory analysis can be scientifically validated.

The aim of current research is finding optimum alcohol levels for reduced alcohol wines, wine alcohol sweetspot, at ARC Training Centre for Innovative Wine Production, the University of Adelaide, involving wine chemical, sensory and statistical analysis.

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