Dongliang Chao

Dongliang Chao

School of Chemical Engineering

Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Technology

Dr. Chao has been focusing on the design and synthesis of advanced materials for novel safe and low-cost energy storage, and analysis of their electrochemical kinetics in combination of in-situ and operando experiments and theoretical computations.

   His research interests include:
Li+, Na+, K+, Zn2+ ion batteries
Aqueous battery, Solid-state batteries, Pseudocapacitors in energy storage
Development of advanced materials and nanotechnology
Mechanism studies combining novel material design, calculation, and in-situ and operando synchrotron technologies

Zn-Mn Electrolysis Technology for Aqueous Power Battery, 1,000,000 AUD  (Industrial Grant)
Zn2+ storage mechanism in Mn-based Zinc ion batteries: understanding by operando measurements  (Grant in RM)
Zinc ion batteries: Nanoarchitectured electrodes and understanding by operando measurements  (Grant in RM)


Advanced Nano-Material for Electrochemical Energy Storage  (Research-based degree supervision)

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