Dr David Cannon

Executive Officer

Global Engagement

Division of External Engagement

David is a Visiting Research Fellow with the department of Politics & International Studies at the University of Adelaide and is an Associate of the Indo-Pacific Governance Research Centre. David's research currently concentrates on the political economy of international trade and development with a particular focus on institutional change as a result of foreign investment in the Australian economy. His research has also focused on the political economy of ethno-national radicalisation and political violence/terrorism. He has recently published work on the effect of foreign investment - mainly connected to the recent resources boom - on Australian regulatory institutions and sub-national states

International Political Economy

Regional Trade and Investment.

Politics of international trade and development; international institutions and globalisation.

Ethno-National politics and Insurgency/Terrorist Groups

Intersection of cultural, political and economic factors as they act to create, maintain and/or undermine non-state violent activity.

The political economy of ethno-national conflict.

Irish History and Politics

Ireland in the Colonial period, through partition; the creation of the Northern Irish state and the civil conflict, with a focus on the peace process and socio-political ‘normalisation’.

Marxist political thought on Ireland/Northern Ireland.

Popular Culture and Politics

I have written, administered and delivered courses in International Politics. I have taught courses in International Relations/Politics, Foreign Policy, Australian Politics, Political Theory, European politics and history.

  • Position: Executive Officer
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  • Campus: North Terrace
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  • Org Unit: International Relations

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