Danielle Mazurkiewicz

Danielle Mazurkiewicz

School of Biomedicine

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

I am a cell biologist with very strong molecular biology skills. I have experience as part of international multiparty teams in academia and industry, including CSIRO, Bionomics Ltd and The University of Adelaide. I have seamlessly adapted from plant biology to neuroscience, having worked in the areas of plant-bacterial symbiosis, plant developmental reproductive biology, cellular consequences of dysregulated nuclear mRNA export, and ion channel drug discovery for a range of neurological disorders and pain.

My current research interest is the genetics underlying human folliculogenesis to identify novel targets for contraceptives.

Recently, I have undertaken research to understand the molecular and cellular basis for the dysregulation of mRNA nucleo-cytoplasmic export in neurodevelopmental disorders using mouse stem cell models. I am currently using my expertise in molecular biology and cell biology to investigate human folliculogenesis to identify novel targets for contraceptives. 


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