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Daniel Gregg
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Dr Daniel Gregg


Year Citation
2017 Gregg, D. & Rolfe, J. (2017). Risk behaviours and grazing land management: a framed field experiment and linkages to range land condition. Journal of Agricultural Economics, 68, 3, 682-709.
2016 Gregg, D. & Rolfe, J. (2016). The value of environment across efficiency quantiles: a conditional regression quantiles analysis of rangelands beef production in north Eastern Australia. Ecological Economics, 128, C, 44-54.
2016 Gregg, D. & Rolfe, J. (2016). Using experiments to improve understanding of limits to decision making in grazing land management. Land Use Policy, 54, 508-521.
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2011 Rolfe, J., Gregg, D., Ivanova, G., Lawrence, R. & Rynne, D. (2011). The economic contribution of the resources sector by regional areas in Queensland. Economic Analysis and Policy, 41, 1, 15-36.
2010 Greiner, R. & Gregg, D. (2010). Considering recreational catch and harvest in fisheries management at the bio-regional scale. Fisheries Management and Ecology, 17, 4, 336-345.

Conference Items

Year Citation
2017 Gregg, D. & Wheeler, S. A. (2017). Image Management and Self Deception response biases in Stated Preference studies: A Contingent and Inferred Valuation study for the preservation of a SA wetland. AARES. Brisbane.

Working Paper

Year Citation
2014 Gregg, D. & Rolfe, J.; (2014); The value of environmental health in agricultural production across nonparametric efficiency quantiles;
2010 Gregg, D. & Rolfe, J.; (2010); Identifying efficiency trends for Queensland broad-acre beef enterprises;
2009 Gregg, D.; (2009); Non adoption of improved maize varieties in East Timor;
2009 Gregg, D. & Greiner, R.; (2009); Conservation impediments and incentives – progressing the understanding of linkages between the adoption of conservation practices and the motivational orientation of graziers in the tropical savannas;
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