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    2022 Isley, C. F., Fry, K. L., Liu, X., Filippelli, G. M., Entwistle, J. A., Martin, A. P., . . . Taylor, M. P. (2022). International Analysis of Sources and Human Health Risk Associated with Trace Metal Contaminants in Residential Indoor Dust. Environmental Science and Technology, 56(2), 1053-1068.
    DOI Scopus5 WoS5 Europe PMC1
    2022 Isley, C. F., Fry, K. L., Sharp, E. L., & Taylor, M. P. (2022). Bringing citizen science to life: Evaluation of a national citizen science program for public benefit. Environmental Science and Policy, 134, 23-33.
    2021 Fry, K. L., Gillings, M. M., Isley, C. F., Gunkel-Grillon, P., & Taylor, M. P. (2021). Trace element contamination of soil and dust by a New Caledonian ferronickel smelter: Dispersal, enrichment, and human health risk. Environmental Pollution, 288, 117593-1-117593-10.
    DOI Scopus13 WoS10 Europe PMC2
    2021 Isley, C. F., Liu, X., Fry, K. L., Gillings, M. M., & Taylor, M. P. (2021). Data for modelling vegetable uptake of trace metals in soil for the VegeSafe program. Data in Brief, 37, 14 pages.
    DOI Scopus4
    2021 Taylor, M. P., Isley, C. F., Fry, K. L., Liu, X., Gillings, M. M., Rouillon, M., . . . Filippelli, G. M. (2021). A citizen science approach to identifying trace metal contamination risks in urban gardens. Environment International, 155, 106582-1-106582-12.
    DOI Scopus23 WoS18 Europe PMC5
    2021 Wu, L., Isley, C. F., Handley, H. K., & Taylor, M. P. (2021). Atmospheric sources of anthropogenic and geogenic trace metals in Australian lichen and fungi. Anthropocene, 33, 100279-1-100279-10.
    DOI Scopus5 WoS5
    2020 Doyi, I. N. Y., Strezov, V., Isley, C. F., Yazdanparast, T., & Taylor, M. P. (2020). The relevance of particle size distribution and bioaccessibility on human health risk assessment for trace elements measured in indoor dust. Science of The Total Environment, 733, 137931.
    DOI Scopus18 WoS12 Europe PMC1
    2020 Isley, C. F., & Taylor, M. P. (2020). Atmospheric remobilization of natural and anthropogenic contaminants during wildfires. Environmental Pollution, 267, 115400-1-115400-12.
    DOI Scopus8 WoS9
    2019 Doyi, I. N. Y., Isley, C., Soltani, N. S., & Taylor, M. P. (2019). Human exposure and risk associated with trace element concentrations in indoor dust from Australian homes. Environment International, 133(Pt A), 105125.
    DOI Scopus40 WoS33 Europe PMC7
    2019 Taylor, M. P., Isley, C. F., & Glover, J. (2019). Prevalence of childhood lead poisoning and respiratory disease associated with lead smelter emissions. Environment International, 127, 340-352.
    DOI Scopus32 WoS30 Europe PMC2
    2018 Isley, C. F., & Taylor, M. P. (2018). Air quality management in the Pacific Islands: A review of past performance and implications for future directions. Environmental Science and Policy, 84, 26-33.
    DOI Scopus7 WoS5
    2018 Isley, C. F., Nelson, P. F., Taylor, M. P., Williams, A. A., & Jacobsen, G. E. (2018). Radiocarbon determination of fossil and contemporary carbon contribution to aerosol in the Pacific Islands. Science of the Total Environment, 643, 183-192.
    DOI Scopus2 WoS2
    2018 Isley, C. F., Nelson, P. F., Taylor, M. P., Stelcer, E., Atanacio, A. J., Cohen, D. D., . . . Maata, M. (2018). Reducing mortality risk by targeting specific air pollution sources: Suva, Fiji. Science of the Total Environment, 612, 450-461.
    DOI Scopus18 WoS16 Europe PMC2
    2017 Isley, C. F., Nelson, P. F., Taylor, M. P., Mani, F. S., Maata, M., Atanacio, A., . . . Cohen, D. D. (2017). PM<inf>2.5</inf> and aerosol black carbon in Suva, Fiji. Atmospheric Environment, 150, 55-66.
    DOI Scopus12 WoS12
    2017 Isley, C. F., Nelson, P. F., Taylor, M. P., Mazaheri, M., Morawska, L., Atanacio, A. J., . . . Morrison, A. L. (2017). Airborne ultrafine particles in a Pacific Island country: Characteristics, sources and implications for human exposure. Environmental Pollution, 231(Pt 1), 367-378.
    DOI Scopus5 WoS5
    2016 Isley, C. F., Nelson, P. F., & Taylor, M. P. (2016). MANAGING AIR QUALITY IN SUVA, FIJI. European Journal of Sustainable Development, 5(4), 242-254.
    Taylor, M. P., Isley, C., Fry, K., & M Gillings, M. (n.d.). Tracing anthropogenic trace element contamination of natural and human systems in the South Pacific using honey bees as a key biomarker.
  • Committee Memberships

    Date Role Committee Institution Country
    2021 - 2022 Member Scientific Committee for 26th International Clean Air and Environment Conference Clean Air Society of Australia and New Zealand Australia
    2017 - 2017 Advisory Board Member Newcastle Community Consultative Committee on the Environment NSW Environment Protection Authority Australia
    2013 - 2019 Chair Clean Air Society of Australia and New Zealand Hunter branch Clean Air Society of Australia and New Zealand Australia

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