Dr Colin Jenner

Dr Colin Jenner
Visiting Research Fellow
School of Agriculture, Food and Wine
Faculty of Sciences

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Dr Colin Jenner


Year Citation
2015 Blake, L., Jenner, C., Gidley, M. & Cozzolino, D. (2015). Effect of surfactant treatment on swelling behaviour of normal and waxy cereal starches. Carbohydrate Polymers, 125, 265-271.
2015 Blake, L., Jenner, C., Barber, A., Gibson, R., O'Neill, B. & Nguyen, Q. (2015). Effect of waxy flour blends on dough rheology and bread quality. International Journal of Food Science and Technology, 50, 4, 926-933.
2013 Lafaye, J., Lee, H., Blake, L. & Jenner, C. (2013). Waxy drum acts as a unique form of crumb softener in bread. Journal of Cereal Science, 58, 3, 393-399.
2011 Mouliney, M., Lavery, B., Sharma, R. & Jenner, C. (2011). Waxy durum and fat differ in their actions as improvers of bread quality. Journal of Cereal Science, 54, 3, 317-323.
2004 Zahedi, M., McDonald, G. & Jenner, C. (2004). Nitrogen supply to the grain modifies the effects of temperature on starch and protein accumulation during grain filling in wheat. Australian Journal of Agricultural Research, 55, 5, 551-564.
2003 Tahmasebi Sarvestani, Z., Jenner, C. & Mac Donald, G. (2003). Dry matter and nitrogen remobilization of two wheat genotypes under post-anthesis water stress conditions. Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology, 5, 21-29.
2003 Zahedi, M. & Jenner, C. (2003). Analysis of effects in wheat of high temperature on grain filling attributes estimated from mathematical models of grain filling. Journal of Agricultural Science, 141, 2, 203-212.
2003 Zahedi, M., Sharma, R. & Jenner, C. (2003). Effects of high temperature on grain growth and on the metabolites and enzymes in the starch-synthesis pathway in the grains of two wheat cultivars differing in their responses to temperature. Functional Plant Biology, 30, 3, 291-300.
2002 Sharma, R., Sissons, M., Rathjen, A. & Jenner, C. (2002). The null-4A allele at the waxy locus in durum wheat affects pasta cooking quality. Journal of Cereal Science, 35, 3, 287-297.

Conference Papers

Year Citation
2003 Sharma, R. & Jenner, C. (2003). Genetic variation for granule-bound starch synthase, starch granule protien-1 and starch properties in durum wheat. Cereals. C. Black & J. Panozzo (Eds.) Glenelg, South Australia.
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