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Dr Chris Brien

Welcome to my profile. My main research interest is the design and analysis of experiments, particularly the class of experiments that I have termed multitiered. I am also interested in the formulation of mixed models for the analysis of designed experiments, including  the analysis of longitudinal experiments. I originally graduated from the University of Sydney with an agricultural science degree majoring in Biometry. I started my professional life as a consulting Biometrician with what was then the CSIRO Division of Horticultural Research, designing and analyzing viticultural, sensory and other laboratory experiments. After 6 years with CSIRO I went to Roseworthy Agricultural College for a 10 year stint as a lecturer/consultant in statistics for agriculture, natural resources and oenology. During this time I completed a M.Ag.Sc. and began a PhD, both majoring in Biometry at the University of Adelaide. My last move was in 1988 to the Institute of Technology, one of the institutions that in 1991 became the University of South Australia. Here I was a Senior Lecturer in Statistics in the School of Mathematics and Statistics and I lectured/consulted in statistics in areas such as business, engineering, environmental sciences, library studies, physiotherapy and computer science. In February 2006 I, and my colleague Prof. Rosemary Bailey from The University of St Andrews, Scotland, presented a read paper entitled Multiple randomizations to the prestigious Royal Statistical Society in London.

I retired from the University of South Australia in November 2009, but I am continuing my research and consulting as an Adjunct Senior Lecturer in the Phenomics and Bioinformatics Research Centre and, since 2015, as  Senior Biometrician at the  Plant Accelerator in the School of Agriculture, Food and Wine at the University of Adelaide. In addition to continuing my work on multitiered experiments, I am currently working on the design and analysis of agricultural and other biological experiments. Particular areas of experimentation in which I work are in high-throughput, phenotyping experiments (see Brien et al. (2013) or Al-Tamimi et al. (2016)) and sugarcane breeding experiments. Click here for my Curriculum Vitae (in a pdf file).


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