Chen Peng

Dr Chen Peng

ARC-Grant Funded Researcher A

School of Chemical Engineering

Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Technology

Eligible to supervise Masters and PhD (as Co-Supervisor) - email supervisor to discuss availability.

Dr. Chen Peng was born in 1995, Wuhan, China. He obtained his bachelor degree of engineering at Wuhan University of Technology (WUT) in June, 2018. From May 2015 to June 2018, he was an undergraduate researcher under the supervision of Prof. Liqiang Mai and Prof. Qinyou An at WUT. Then, he moved to Fudan University (FDU) in September 2018, and earned his PhD degree at FDU in June 2023, under the supervision of Prof. Gengfeng Zheng. During the summer in 2019, he visited Canadian Light Source and Western University. Since July 2023, he is an ARC-Grant Funded Researcher A at The University of Adelaide, which his supervisors are Prof. Shizhang Qiao and Pro. Yao Zheng.

Now, his interests include the electrochemical CO2 reduction and seawater electrolysis. He has published 12 peer-reviewed research articles as the first (or co-first) authors in the international journals of Chem, Nat. Commun., Nat. Biomed. Eng., Adv. Mater., Adv. Energy Mater., Small, etc. His papers have been cited over 1000 times (H-index, 15) with the average citation around 40 per article.

He was invited as the Guest Editor of Special Issue in Micromachines journal. He also obtained many honors and awards, including Nano Research Energy Young Star Researcher-Gold Award, Rising Talents Prize at the ENFL Virtual Asia-Pacific Graduate Student Symposium-ACS Fall, Chunyu Scholarship by Neware Company (Shenzhen), 14th Academic Star Special Award by Fudan University, Shanghai Outstanding Graduate Award, Tongji Kelan Education Scholarship-Special Award of Academician Dongyuan Zhao, National Scholarship for PhD Students, Dow Chemistry Scholarship, Xianghui Scholarship, China Building Materials Scholarship, etc.

  • Journals

    Year Citation
    2023 Zhang, J., Yu, P., Peng, C., Lv, X., Liu, Z., Cheng, T., & Zheng, G. (2023). Efficient CO Electroreduction to Methanol by CuRh Alloys with Isolated Rh Sites. ACS Catalysis, 13(11), 7170-7177.
    DOI Scopus3
    2023 Xu, Z., Peng, C., Luo, G., Yang, S., Yu, P., Yan, S., . . . Zheng, G. (2023). High-rate CO<inf>2</inf>-to-CH<inf>4</inf> Electrosynthesis by Undercoordinated Cu Sites in Alkaline-Earth-Metal Perovskites with Strong Basicity. Advanced Energy Materials, 13(19), 8 pages.
    DOI Scopus4
    2023 Peng, C., Yang, S., Luo, G., Yan, S., Shakouri, M., Zhang, J., . . . Zheng, G. (2023). Over 2 A cm<sup>−2</sup> CO<inf>2</inf>-to-Ethanol Conversion by Alkali-Metal Cation Induced Copper With Dominant (200) Facets. Small, 19(23), 8 pages.
    DOI Scopus3 WoS2
    2023 Xu, Z., Peng, C., & Zheng, G. (2023). Coupling Value-Added Anodic Reactions with Electrocatalytic CO<inf>2</inf> Reduction. Chemistry - A European Journal, 29(11), 1-17.
    DOI Scopus6 WoS4
    2023 Yu, P., Lv, X., Wang, Q., Huang, H., Weng, W., Peng, C., . . . Zheng, G. (2023). Promoting Electrocatalytic CO<inf>2</inf> Reduction to CH<inf>4</inf> by Copper Porphyrin with Donor–Acceptor Structures. Small, 19(4), 1-7.
    DOI Scopus15 WoS5
    2023 Peng, C., Yang, S., Luo, G., Yan, S., Chen, N., Zhang, J., . . . Zheng, G. (2023). Ampere-level CO<inf>2</inf>-to-formate electrosynthesis using highly exposed bismuth(110) facets modified with sulfur-anchored sodium cations. Chem, 9(10), 2830-2840.
    DOI Scopus4 WoS2
    2023 Yang, L., Lv, X., Peng, C., Kong, S., Huang, F., Tang, Y., . . . Zheng, G. (2023). Promoting CO<inf>2</inf> Electroreduction to Acetate by an Amine-Terminal, Dendrimer-Functionalized Cu Catalyst. ACS Central Science, 9(10), 1905-1912.
    DOI Scopus3 WoS3
    2023 Chen, Y., Lyu, N., Zhang, J., Yan, S., Peng, C., Yang, C., . . . Zheng, G. (2023). Tailoring the CO and H Coverage for Selective CO₂
    Electroreduction to CH₄ or C₂H₄. Small, 1-6.

    2023 Yan, S., Chen, Z., Chen, Y., Peng, C., Ma, X., Lv, X., . . . Zheng, G. (2023). High-Power CO₂‑to‑C₂ Electroreduction on Ga-Spaced, Square-like Cu Sites. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 145(48), 26374-1-26374-9.
    2023 Yang, R., Zhao, P., Wang, L., Feng, C., Peng, C., Wang, Z., . . . Zhang, J. (2023). Assessment of visual function in blind mice and monkeys with subretinally implanted nanowire arrays as artificial photoreceptors. Nature Biomedical Engineering, 37 pages.
    2023 Hao, S., Chen, Y., Peng, C., Wang, H., Wen, Q., Hu, C., . . . Zheng, G. (2023). Photocatalytic Coupling of CH<inf>4</inf> and CO<inf>2</inf> to Ethanol on Asymmetric Ce−O−Zn Sites. Advanced Functional Materials, 7 pages.
    DOI Scopus1
    2022 Peng, C., Yang, S., Luo, G., Yan, S., Shakouri, M., Zhang, J., . . . Zheng, G. (2022). Surface Co-Modification of Halide Anions and Potassium Cations Promotes High-Rate CO<inf>2</inf>-to-Ethanol Electrosynthesis. Advanced Materials, 34(39), 9 pages.
    DOI Scopus20 WoS10
    2022 Chen, M., Lv, X., Guan, A., Peng, C., Qian, L., & Zheng, G. (2022). Electrocatalytic methane oxidation to formate on magnesium based metal-organic frameworks. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 623, 348-353.
    DOI Scopus6 WoS4
    2022 Liu, K., Yang, C., Wei, R., Ma, X., Peng, C., Liu, Z., . . . Zheng, G. (2022). Unraveling and tuning the linear correlation between CH<inf>4</inf> and C<inf>2</inf> production rates in CO<inf>2</inf> electroreduction. Science Bulletin, 67(10), 1042-1048.
    DOI Scopus11 WoS4
    2022 Peng, C., Xu, Z., Luo, G., Yan, S., Zhang, J., Li, S., . . . Zheng, G. (2022). Highly-Exposed Single-Interlayered Cu Edges Enable High-Rate CO<inf>2</inf>-to-CH<inf>4</inf> Electrosynthesis. Advanced Energy Materials, 12(15), 7 pages.
    DOI Scopus21 WoS16
    2022 Peng, C., Zhu, X., Xu, Z., Yan, S., Chang, L. Y., Wang, Z., . . . Zheng, G. (2022). Lithium Vacancy-Tuned [CuO<inf>4</inf>] Sites for Selective CO<inf>2</inf> Electroreduction to C<inf>2+</inf> Products. Small, 18(8), 8 pages.
    DOI Scopus15 WoS11
    2021 Peng, C., Luo, G., Xu, Z., Yan, S., Zhang, J., Chen, M., . . . Zheng, G. (2021). Lithiation-Enabled High-Density Nitrogen Vacancies Electrocatalyze CO<inf>2</inf> to C<inf>2</inf> Products. Advanced Materials, 33(40), 1-7.
    DOI Scopus43 WoS34 Europe PMC7
    2021 Peng, C., Luo, G., Zhang, J., Chen, M., Wang, Z., Sham, T. K., . . . Zheng, G. (2021). Double sulfur vacancies by lithium tuning enhance CO<inf>2</inf> electroreduction to n-propanol. Nature Communications, 12(1), 1-8.
    DOI Scopus145 WoS111 Europe PMC17
    2021 Li, S., Guan, A., Yang, C., Peng, C., Lv, X., Ji, Y., . . . Zheng, G. (2021). Dual-Atomic Cu Sites for Electrocatalytic CO Reduction to C<inf>2+</inf>Products. ACS Materials Letters, 3(12), 1729-1737.
    DOI Scopus54 WoS40
    2021 Yan, S., Peng, C., Yang, C., Chen, Y., Zhang, J., Guan, A., . . . Zheng, G. (2021). Electron Localization and Lattice Strain Induced by Surface Lithium Doping Enable Ampere-Level Electrosynthesis of Formate from CO<inf>2</inf>. Angewandte Chemie - International Edition, 60(49), 25741-25745.
    DOI Scopus58 WoS53 Europe PMC4
    2020 Lv, X., Shang, L., Zhou, S., Li, S., Wang, Y., Wang, Z., . . . Zheng, G. (2020). Electron-Deficient Cu Sites on Cu<inf>3</inf>Ag<inf>1</inf> Catalyst Promoting CO<inf>2</inf> Electroreduction to Alcohols. Advanced Energy Materials, 10(37), 1-8.
    DOI Scopus103 WoS90
    2020 Guan, A., Chen, Z., Quan, Y., Peng, C., Wang, Z., Sham, T. K., . . . Zheng, G. (2020). Boosting CO<inf>2</inf> Electroreduction to CH<inf>4</inf> via Tuning Neighboring Single-Copper Sites. ACS Energy Letters, 5(4), 1044-1053.
    DOI Scopus291 WoS262
    2018 Peng, C., Lyu, H., Wu, L., Xiong, T., Xiong, F., Liu, Z., . . . Mai, L. (2018). Lithium- and Magnesium-Storage Mechanisms of Novel Hexagonal NbSe<inf>2</inf>. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 10(43), 36988-36995.
    DOI Scopus41 WoS35 Europe PMC2
    2018 Wu, L., Sun, R., Xiong, F., Pei, C., Han, K., Peng, C., . . . Mai, L. (2018). A rechargeable aluminum-ion battery based on a VS<inf>2</inf> nanosheet cathode. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 20(35), 22563-22568.
    DOI Scopus84 WoS74 Europe PMC4
    2018 Sheng, J., Peng, C., Yan, S., Zhang, G., Jiang, Y., An, Q., . . . Mai, L. (2018). New anatase phase VTi<inf>2.6</inf>O<inf>7.2</inf> ultrafine nanocrystals for high-performance rechargeable magnesium-based batteries. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 6(28), 13901-13907.
    DOI Scopus19 WoS17
    2017 Sheng, J., Peng, C., Xu, Y., Lyu, H., Xu, X., An, Q., & Mai, L. (2017). KTi<inf>2</inf>(PO<inf>4</inf>)<inf>3</inf> with Large Ion Diffusion Channel for High-Efficiency Sodium Storage. Advanced Energy Materials, 7(17), 8 pages.
    DOI Scopus22 WoS19
    2016 Sheng, J., Zang, H., Tang, C., An, Q., Wei, Q., Zhang, G., . . . Mai, L. (2016). Graphene wrapped NASICON-type Fe<inf>2</inf>(MoO<inf>4</inf>)<inf>3</inf> nanoparticles as a ultra-high rate cathode for sodium ion batteries. Nano Energy, 24, 130-138.
    DOI Scopus59 WoS51
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