Chao Ye

Chao Ye

School of Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials

Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences

Eligible to supervise Masters and PhD (as Co-Supervisor) - email supervisor to discuss availability.

My research focuses on developing safe and low-cost energy storage system by combining experiments and theoretical computations. I am also designing and synthesizing advanced materials for novel novel batteries such as metal-sulfur batteries and aqueous batteries.

  • Appointments

    Date Position Institution name
    2019 Research Fellow University of Adelaide
  • Education

    Date Institution name Country Title
    2015 - 2019 University of Adelaide Australia PhD
  • Journals

    Year Citation
    2021 Hao, J., Yuan, L., Ye, C., Chao, D., Davey, K., Guo, Z., & Qiao, S. (2021). Boosting Zn electrode reversibility in aqueous electrolyte using low-cost antisolvents. Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 60(13), 7366-7375.
    DOI Scopus24 WoS21
    2021 Shan, J., Ye, C., Chen, S., Sun, T., Jiao, Y., Liu, L., . . . Qiao, S. -Z. (2021). Short-range ordered iridium single atoms integrated into cobalt oxide spinel structure for highly efficient electrocatalytic water oxidation. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 143(13), 5201-5211.
    DOI Scopus14 WoS17
    2021 Hao, J., Yuan, L., Johannessen, B., Zhu, Y., Jiao, Y., Ye, C., . . . Qiao, S. (2021). Studying conversion mechanism to broaden cathode options in aqueous Zn-ion batteries.. Angewandte Chemie (International ed. in English).
    2021 Li, H., Meng, R., Guo, Y., Chen, B., Jiao, Y., Ye, C., . . . Qiao, S. -Z. (2021). Reversible electrochemical oxidation of sulfur in ionic liquid for high-voltage Al-S batteries.. Nature communications, 12(1), 5714.
    2020 Ye, C., Chao, D., Shan, J., Li, H., Davey, K., & Qiao, S. Z. (2020). Unveiling the advances of 2D materials for Li/Na-S batteries experimentally and theoretically. Matter, 2(2), 323-344.
    DOI Scopus46 WoS46
    2020 Ye, C., Jiao, Y., Chao, D., Ling, T., Shan, J., Zhang, B., . . . Qiao, S. -Z. (2020). Electron-state confinement of polysulfides for highly stable sodium-sulfur batteries. Advanced Materials, 32(12), 1907557-1-1907557-8.
    DOI Scopus45 WoS38 Europe PMC2
    2020 Chao, D., Ye, C., Xie, F., Zhou, W., Zhang, Q., Gu, Q., . . . Qiao, S. -Z. (2020). Atomic engineering catalyzed MnO₂ electrolysis kinetics for a hybrid aqueous battery with high power and energy density. Advanced Materials, 32(25), 2001894-1-2001894-8.
    DOI Scopus68 WoS58 Europe PMC2
    2020 Chao, D., Zhou, W., Xie, F., Ye, C., Li, H., Jaroniec, M., & Qiao, S. -Z. (2020). Roadmap for advanced aqueous batteries: from design of materials to applications. Science Advances, 6(21), eaba4098-1-eaba4098-19.
    DOI Scopus200 WoS186 Europe PMC14
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    2019 Xie, F., Zhang, L., Ye, C., Jaroniec, M., & Qiao, S. Z. (2019). The application of hollow structured anodes for sodium-ion batteries: from simple to complex systems. Advanced Materials, 31(38), 1800492-1-1800492-8.
    DOI Scopus70 WoS60 Europe PMC4
    2019 Chao, D., Zhou, W., Ye, C., Zhang, Q., Chen, Y., Gu, L., . . . Qiao, S. Z. (2019). An electrolytic Zn–MnO₂ battery for high-voltage and scalable energy storage. Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 58(23), 7823-7828.
    DOI Scopus310 WoS304 Europe PMC8
    2019 Zhang, B. -W., Jiao, Y., Chao, D. -L., Ye, C., Wang, Y. -X., Davey, K., . . . Qiao, S. -Z. (2019). Targeted synergy between adjacent co atoms on graphene oxide as an efficient new electrocatalyst for Li-CO2 batteries. Advanced Functional Materials, 29(49), 1904206-1-1904206-7.
    DOI Scopus29 WoS25
    2018 Ye, C., Jiao, Y., Jin, H., Slattery, A., Davey, K., Wang, H., & Qiao, S. (2018). 2D MoN-VN heterostructure to regulate polysulfides for highly efficient lithium-sulfur batteries. Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 57(51), 16703-16707.
    DOI Scopus176 WoS171 Europe PMC5
    2018 Li, D., Ye, C., Chen, X., Wang, S., & Wang, H. (2018). A high energy and power sodium-ion hybrid capacitor based on nitrogen-doped hollow carbon nanowires anode. Journal of Power Sources, 382, 116-121.
    DOI Scopus26 WoS27
    2018 Chen, B., Lu, H., Zhou, J., Ye, C., Shi, C., Zhao, N., & Qiao, S. (2018). Porous MoS2/Carbon Spheres Anchored on 3D Interconnected Multiwall Carbon Nanotube Networks for Ultrafast Na Storage. Advanced Energy Materials, 8(15), 1-11.
    DOI Scopus126 WoS127
    2017 Ye, C., Zhang, L., Guo, C., Li, D., Vasileff, A., Wang, H., & Qiao, S. (2017). A 3D hybrid of chemically coupled nickel sulfide and hollow carbon spheres for high performance lithium–sulfur batteries. Advanced Functional Materials, 27(33), 1702524-1-1702524-9.
    DOI Scopus261 WoS262
    2016 Ye, C., Wen, X., Lan, J. L., Cai, Z. Q., Pi, P. H., Xu, S. P., & Qian, Y. (2016). Surface modification of light hollow polymer microspheres and its application in external wall thermal insulation coatings. Pigment and Resin Technology, 45(1), 45-51.
    DOI Scopus11
    2015 Wen, X., Ye, C., Cai, Z., Xu, S., Pi, P., Cheng, J., . . . Qian, Y. (2015). Crosslinked superhydrophobic films fabricated by simply castingpoly(methyl methacrylate-butyl acrylate-hydroxyethylmethacrylate)-b-poly(perfluorohexylethyl methacrylate) solution. Applied Surface Science, 339(1), 109-115.
    DOI Scopus9
  • Current Higher Degree by Research Supervision (University of Adelaide)

    Date Role Research Topic Program Degree Type Student Load Student Name
    2021 Co-Supervisor Establishment of Integrated Aqueous Batteries with Electrochemistry and Application-level Energy Density Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate Full Time Mr Jiahao Liu
    2021 Co-Supervisor Nanostructured Materials for Battery Application Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate Full Time Mr Chun-Chuan Kao
    2020 Co-Supervisor Advanced Nano-Material for Electrochemical Energy Storage Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate Full Time Ms Xin Xu

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