Caitlin Selway

Miss Caitlin Selway

PhD Candidate

School of Biological Sciences

Faculty of Sciences

We know that most sites of the body that were thought to be sterile actually harbour low numbers of microorganisms. These sites, also know as low microbial biomass environments are highly prone to background levels of DNA from reagents, equipment, and even on surfaces and in the air. When this background level of DNA has been accounted for, we can start to better understand the change in microbial structure of human low microbial biomass environments when we are exposed to different outside environments, disease, and medical treatment.

  • Mentoring

    Date Topic Location Name
    2018 - 2018 Preterm oral and lung microbiota University of Adelaide Nicholette Bakaj
    2018 - 2018 Practical Demonstrating of Fundamental Laboratory Skills School of Biological Sciences, The University of Adelaide 2nd year Molecular Biology Students
  • Committee Memberships

    Date Role Committee Institution Country
    2017 - 2017 Member School of Biological Sciences Postgraduate Symposium Committee The University of Adelaide Australia
  • Memberships

    Date Role Membership Country
    2019 - ongoing Member Australian Society for Microbiology Australia
    2019 - ongoing Member American Society for Microbiology United States
    2018 - ongoing Member The International Association for Dental Research United States
    2017 - 2018 Member Australian Society for Microbiology Australia
  • Community Engagement

    Date Title Engagement Type Institution Country
    2019 - 2019 Microbes and Us Public Community Engagement Gladstone High School
  • Event Participation

    Date Event Name Event Type Institution Country
    2017 - 2017 School of Biological Sciences Symposium Symposium The University of Adelaide Australia
  • Position: PhD Candidate
  • Phone: 83135148
  • Email:
  • Fax: 8313 4364
  • Campus: North Terrace
  • Building: Darling, floor 2
  • Room: 2 05a
  • Org Unit: Molecular and Biomedical Science

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