Brittany Williams

Miss Brittany Williams

Higher Degree by Research Candidate

PhD Candidate

School of Biological Sciences

Faculty of Sciences

I am a marine biology PhD candidate at the University of Adelaide, researching how we may be able to restore Australia's lost native oyster reefs by enriching marine soundscapes.

Native Flat oysters provided foundations for rich marine ecosystems over 1,500 Km of South Australian coastline just 200 years ago, but are now functionally extinct. Can we restore them by playing ocean sound to them? My research will determine whether amplifying natural marine soundscapes can encourage baby oysters to recruit to restored reefs. If marine sound can attract more baby oysters, then playing underwater sound can provide an easy, cost effective and non-intrusive technique for enhancing oyster restoration efforts. This project would be the first to increase oyster recruitment to a reef restoration project, a significant advance in ecological restoration. 

  • Position: PhD Candidate
  • Email:
  • Campus: North Terrace
  • Building: Darling Building, floor 1
  • Room: 117
  • Org Unit: School of Biological Sciences

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