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Bill Panagopoulos

My career spans more than ten years of research experience within private and academic sectors focusing on cancer cell biology and tissue growth and repair. I am very passionate about cancer research and strive to identify new therapeutic strategies to combat metastatic disease. My primary research interest lies within the role of stromal cells within the tumour microenvironment on cancer growth and metastasis. This interest developed early on in my career but wasn't until my PhD (completed in 2016) where I became fascinated with targeting the stroma with novel therapeutic strategies as a treatment for breast cancer.  My PhD identified for the first time a causative role for peroxidase enzymes in cancer development and metastasis. This discovery has resulted in 3 first author publications, a patent application, and collaboration with a pharmaceutical company assessing novel peroxidase inhibitors as a potential therapeutic agents in the treatment/prevention of breast cancer. 


Date Position Institution name
2017 Postdoctoral Research Fellow The University of Adelaide
2011 - 2016 Research Associate The University of Adelaide
2010 - 2011 Research Assistant SA Pathology
2009 - 2010 Study Coordinator VivoPharm
2008 - 2009 Research Assistant VivoPharm
2006 - 2008 Research Assistant TGR BioSciences
2004 - 2006 Medical Scientist Gribbles Pathology/Healthscope
2003 - 2004 Medical Scientist SA Health/Women's and Children's Hospital

Language Competencies

Language Competency
English Can read, write, speak, understand spoken and peer review
Greek, Modern (1453-) Can read, write, speak and understand spoken


Date Institution name Country Title
2013 - 2016 The University of Adelaide Australia PhD
1999 - 2002 The University of South Australia Australia Bachelor of Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechonolgy


Date Title Institution name Country
Epigeum: Supervising Doctoral Studies The University of Adelaide

Research Interests

Bone and Bones, Cancer Cell Biology, Cancer Therapy


Year Citation
2017 Wang, Y., Zinonos, I., Zysk, A., Panagopoulos, V., Kaur, G., Santos, A. ... Evdokiou, A. (2017). In vivo toxicological assessment of electrochemically engineered anodic alumina nanotubes: a study of biodistribution, subcutaneous implantation and intravenous injection. Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 5, 13, 2511-2523.
2017 Liapis, V., Zysk, A., DeNichilo, M., Zinonos, I., Hay, S., Panagopoulos, V. ... Evdokiou, A. (2017). Anticancer efficacy of the hypoxia-activated prodrug evofosfamide is enhanced in combination with proapoptotic receptor agonists against osteosarcoma. Cancer Medicine, 6, 9, 2164-2176.
2017 Panagopoulos, V., Leach, D., Zinonos, I., Ponomarev, V., Licari, G., Liapis, V. ... Evdokiou, A. (2017). Inflammatory peroxidases promote breast cancer progression in mice via regulation of the tumour microenvironment. International Journal of Oncology, 50, 4, 1191-1200.
2017 Panagopoulos, V., Liapis, V., Zinonos, I., Hay, S., Leach, D., Ingman, W. ... Evdokiou, A. (2017). Peroxidase enzymes inhibit osteoclast differentiation and bone resorption. Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology, 440, C, 8-15.
2017 Leach, D., Panagopoulos, V., Nash, C., Bevan, C., Thomson, A., Selth, L. & Buchanan, G. (2017). Cell-lineage specificity and role of AP-1 in the prostate fibroblast androgen receptor cistrome. Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology, 439, C, 261-272.
2017 Zysk, A., DeNichilo, M., Panagopoulos, V., Zinonos, I., Liapis, V., Hay, S. ... Evdokiou, A. (2017). Adoptive transfer of ex vivo expanded Vγ9Vδ2 T cells in combination with zoledronic acid inhibits cancer growth and limits osteolysis in a murine model of osteolytic breast cancer. Cancer Letters, 386, 141-150.
2016 Liapis, V., Zinonos, I., Labrinidis, A., Hay, S., Ponomarev, V., Panagopoulos, V. ... Evdokiou, A. (2016). Anticancer efficacy of the hypoxia-activated prodrug evofosfamide (TH-302) in osteolytic breast cancer murine models. Cancer Medicine, 5, 3, 534-545.
2016 DeNichilo, M., Shoubridge, A., Panagopoulos, V., Liapis, V., Zysk, A., Zinonos, I. ... Evdokiou, A. (2016). Peroxidase enzymes regulate collagen biosynthesis and matrix mineralization by cultured human osteoblasts. Calcified Tissue International, 98, 3, 294-305.
2015 DeNichilo, M., Panagopoulos, V., Rayner, T., Borowicz, R., Greenwood, J. & Evdokiou, A. (2015). Peroxidase enzymes regulate collagen extracellular matrix biosynthesis. American Journal of Pathology, 185, 5, 1372-1384.
2015 Liapis, V., Labrinidis, A., Zinonos, I., Hay, S., Ponomarev, V., Panagopoulos, V. ... Evdokiou, A. (2015). Hypoxia-activated pro-drug TH-302 exhibits potent tumor suppressive activity and cooperates with chemotherapy against osteosarcoma. Cancer Letters, 357, 1, 160-169.
2015 Panagopoulos, V., Zinonos, I., Leach, D., Hay, S., Liapis, V., Zysk, A. ... Evdokiou, A. (2015). Uncovering a new role for peroxidase enzymes as drivers of angiogenesis. The International Journal of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, 68, 128-138.
2014 Zinonos, I., Luo, K., Labrinidis, A., Liapis, V., Hay, S., Panagopoulos, V. ... Evdokiou, A. (2014). Pharmacologic inhibition of bone resorption prevents cancer-induced osteolysis but enhances soft tissue metastasis in a mouse model of osteolytic breast cancer. International Journal of Oncology, 45, 2, 532-540.
2014 Zinonos, I., Labrinidis, A., Liapis, V., Hay, S., Panagopoulos, V., Denichilo, M. ... Evdokiou, A. (2014). Doxorubicin overcomes resistance to drozitumab by antagonizing inhibitor of apoptosis proteins (IAPS). Anticancer Research, 34, 12, 7007-7020.
2008 Borowicz, R. A., Panagopoulos, V., Greenwood, J. E., DeNichilo, M. O. & Rayner, T. E. (2008). Discovery of a novel modulator of extracellular matrix with the potential to promote wound healing. WOUND REPAIR AND REGENERATION, 16, 2, A42-A42.

Conference Papers

Year Citation
2015 Panagopoulos, V., Zinonos, I., Liapis, V., Hay, S., Ingman, W., Iasiello, M. P. ... Evdokiou, A. (2015). Uncovering a new role for peroxidases in breast cancer development and metastasis.

Conference Items

Year Citation
2017 Liapis, V., Zinonos, I., Labrinidis, A., Hay, S., Ponomarev, V., Panagopoulos, V. ... Evdokiou, A. (2017). The hypoxia activated pro-drug evofosfamide exhibits tumour suppressive activity and synergy with chemotherapy against primary and metastatic breast cancers.
2017 Liapis, V., Labrinidis, A., Zinonos, I., Hay, S., Ponomarev, V., Panagopoulos, V. ... Evdokiou, A. (2017). Anticancer efficacy of the hypoxia-activated pro-drug evofosfamide in prcelinIcal osteosarcoma murine models.

Teaching Interests:

2013-2016                   Mentored 1 Honours student and 3 PhD students

2013-2014                   Supervised a University of Adelaide summer student

2017 – present            Currently, co-supervising 2 PhD students and 1 Honours student.

Committee Memberships

Date Role Committee Institution Country
2017 - ongoing Member Australian Society for Medical Research (ASMR) State Committee
2017 - ongoing Representative BHI Strategic Research Directions Group Basil Hetzel Institute Australia
2015 - 2016 Representative BHI Management Committee Basil Hetzel Insitute
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