Anne Ellershaw

Anne Ellershaw

Adelaide Dental School

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

In her current role at ARCPOH where Anne has been employed for 13 years, she has played a major role in the development and implementation of 4 National Dental Telephone Interview Surveys. She has also developed the sample designs for the NSW and QLD Child Dental Health Surveys. Prior to this Anne worked for the Australian Bureau of Statistics in Canberra, Melbourne & Adelaide assisting in the design and development of National surveys.

Expertise in all facets of survey design including sample design, sample frame creation, sample selection, questionnaire design, data capture systems including programming WINCATI software to capture data via telephone interview, output processing, weighting of survey data and production of reports to present research findings.

Expertise in SAS programming to implement sample design and selection, data editing and classification, weighting of sampled data and analysis of survey data using a range of statistical techniques including logistic regression, poisson regression, linear regression, multinomial regression and standardisation.

Research interests include:
• Investigating the relationship between dental visiting patterns and oral health outcomes
• Monitoring trends in the dental visiting patterns of children & adults
• Identifying groups in the Australian population who experience barriers to accessing dental care
• Population survey design including strategies to weight sample data

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