Anna Larson

Anna Larson

Higher Degree by Research Candidate

School of Social Sciences

Faculty of Arts, Business, Law and Economics

Anna Larson is a PhD candidate in the department of Politics and International Relations at the University of Adelaide. Her PhD research interest is in the changing concept of citizenship as a result of globalisation, and the influence that transnationalism has on national identity. Anna’s interest in this field stems from her own transnational upbringing, where she experienced first-hand the complexity of the relationship between identity and citizenship. Anna has an interdisciplinary research background, and a range of research interests, including: social policy; international relations; international development; migration; diaspora; economic change. 

Current PhD project:
“Towards understanding the changing concept of citizenship in a global world: National identity and citizenship perceptions of Australian expatriates”

Globalisation, particularly the increased cross-border movement of people, has challenged our traditional and territorialised understanding of citizenship. One particular aspect of citizenship that is diversifying as a result of globalisation is national identity. Increased mobility and a transnational lifestyle may affect an individual’s emotional relationship with a country – national identity – which is understood as a central element of citizenship. Using the case study of Australian expatriates, this project aims to determine how this transnational cohort fits into existing citizenship theory. The study will empirically explore the experiences, perceptions and practices of Australian expatriates, particularly their national identity, in order to contribute to understanding the changing concept of citizenship in an increasingly global context. The project will bring to light the experiences of this under-researched population, and can inform policy decisions relating to Australians overseas.

Graeme Hugo Memorial Scholarship, 2018

New Colombo Mobility Program, 2014

Tutoring and marking for the course POLIS 3001: Citizenship and Globalisation, Semester 1 2021, The University of Adelaide

Tutoring and marking for the course POLIS 1102: Introduction to Global Politics, Semester 2 2020, The University of Adelaide

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