Andrei Kotooussov

Professor Andrei Kotooussov


School of Mechanical Engineering

Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Technology

Eligible to supervise Masters and PhD - email supervisor to discuss availability.


Fatigue and Fracture, Solid Mechanics, Composites, Biomechanics, Structural Health Monitoring, Guided Waves, Geo-mechanics, Fracture Stimulation Technologies, Finite Element Analysis and Impact Mechanics


(a) Structural integrity, durability and lifetime of engineering structures and machine components, asset management, defect evaluation, mechanical and structural testing, failure analysis of assets and equipment;

(b) Compliance with industrial codes, international and Australian standards;

(c) Experimental and theoretical stress analysis;

(d) Expert advice on litigation issues.


Project ID

Investigator Role

CI/PI Names Amount Funded Years Project Title
ARC LIEF 170100079 First named CI Kotousov, Nguyen, Dyskin, Pasternak, Dight, Pan, Bui, Duan, Wang, Marzocca, Veidt, Fernando, Dao, MacNish & Wildy $487k 2017 Bridging time/size scales in strain measurements with advanced DIC facility
ARC DP 160102233 First named CI Kotousov, Cazzolato, Ng & Rose $330k 2016 - 2018 Stress evaluation with non-linear guided waves
ARC LIEF 150100094 Co-CI Cazzolato, Sammut, Thewlis, Wilson, Thomas, Griffith, Kotousov, Hansen, Ng, Taylor, Costi, Tang, Gad, Ranmuthugala, Ojeda, Rabanal & Wildy $410k 2016 Large scale 6 degree-of-freedom test facility
ARC LP 110200799 Co-CI Bedrikovetsky, Roberts, Kotousov, Biggs, Cinar, Tingay, Pendleton, Codrington, Rodrigues & Rahman $360k 2011 - 2014 Novel technology for enhanced coal bed gas production based on an advanced theory of suspension flows in deformable fractured media
ARC DP  110200799 Co-CI Bedrikovetsky, Cinar & Kotousov $305k 2010 - 2012 Modelling the capillary entrapment phenomena and integrity of geological reservoirs
NHMRC 595933 Co-CI Reynolds, Costi, Fazzalari, Kotousov & Bottema $410k 2010 - 2012 Development and validation of a finite element model for orthopaedic screw insertion into trabecular bone
ARC LP 100100613 Co-CI Bedrikovetsky, Roberts, Kotousov & Pendleton $530k 2010 - 2013 Development of innovative technologies for oil production based on the advanced theory of suspension flows in porous media
ARC DP DP0557124 First named CI Kotousov & Wang $178k 2005 - 2007 Development of advanced fracture mechanics models and novel technical tools for integrity, durability and safety assessment
Funding Source Adelaide RB ID Amount Funded Years Project Title
Charles Taylor Adjusting Pty Ltd & Munich Reinsurance Company, UK Branch A160425 $8.5k 2016 Investigate and report on cause of escape of water from a Condenser Cooling Line at nRAH
Office of the State Coroner of South Australia A160546 $2.5k 2016 Audrey Rose MacAdam (Deceased) Walking Frame Report
Tindall Gask Bentley A157537 $0.9k 2015 Expert witnessing service - Ryobi malfunction
Carter Newell and Siemens Ltd, Germany A157257 $41k 2015 - Cont. Expert Witness - Siemens - BHP SAG Mill failure
Australian Rail Track Corporation A134952 $2k 2014 Development of a new system for measurement of Free Temperature in rails
Maurice Blackburn Pty Ltd A134440 $37k 2013 Provision of expert witnessing services to Maurice Blackburn
Johnson Winter & Slattery Pty Ltd A123940 $8.45k 2012 - 2013 Provision of Expert Witnessing - Fractured pipework and installation
Lawson Smith Lawyers Pty Ltd A123562 $1.25k 2012 - 2013 Expert Witnessing - Sewa Pty Ltd and Gracie Olga Trelease (RPM bike bolt failure)
Fox Tucker Lawyers Pty Ltd A123558 $0.62k 2012 Expert Witness - claim by Barrod against Viterra (exhaust and fumigation system fan failure)
Fox Tucker Lawyers Pty Ltd A123353 $2.35k 2012 - 2014 Expert Report (Aquaknect Flexibles)
Parsons Brinckerhoff Ltd A112263 ~$40k 2011 - 2012 North-South Interconnection System - Analysis of piping welds
West End Brewery Ltd MT0711 12k 2010

Fracture Assessment of Structural Defects in Two Dogs Glass Bottle

York Transport Equipment Pty Ltd

MT0791 8k 2005

Structural Analysis of York FB3 Bush

Other Grants
Funding Source & Project ID

Investigator Role

CI/PI Names Amount Funded Years Project Title
UofA, Equipment Round 2016 Co-CI Jaksa, Karakus, Nguyen, Taheri, Scott, Kuo, Grimshaw, Kelso, Kotousov, Grainger, Lu & Robertson $145k 2016 Tekscan Pressure Mapping System
UofA, ECMS Equipment/Infrastructure Funding, 2016 Co-CI Ng, Cazzolato, Kotousov, Zander, Howard, Ghayesh $66.2k 2016 High frequency upgrade for the University’s 3D Scanning Laser Doppler Vibrometer
UofA, ECMS Equipment/Infrastructure Funding, 2015 Co-CI Nguyen, Kotousov, Bennett, Jaksa, Visintin, Sheikh, Deng, Taheri, Ali, Scott, Gamboa, & Ghomashchi $29.1k 2015 Establishment of a cross-disciplinary facility for experimental analysis of engineering materials and structures with 3D Digital Image Correlation Technique
UofA, Research Equipment/ Infrastructure Round 2015 First named CI Kotousov, Cazzolato, Xie, Gamboa, Arjomandi, Sheikh, Ng, Karakus, Nguyen, Sircar & Roberts $49k 2015 Stress photonics technology for advanced multidisciplinary research
Catalyst Research Grant Program, Government of South Australia Co-CI Ng & Kotousov $22.5k 2014 - 2016 Cost effective monitoring techniques for rail tracks using guided waves
CRC EP First named CI

Kotousov, Ghomashchi & Borkowski

$228k 2012 - 2014 PR1-02C: Simplified models and criteria for weld-metal hydrogen assisted cold cracking
Defence Science and Technology Organisation Sole CI Kotousov $15k 2008 Support of DSTO's Hypersonics program,
Australian Submarine Corporation Sole CI Kotousov $112k 2008 Operating characteristics of large water lubricated bearing for the Collins Class Submarines
US Airforce, AOARD-06-4043 Co-CI Ho, Kotousov, Codrington and Nguyen $96k 2007 - 2009 FGM thermal barrier coatings for hypersonic structures - Design and thermal structure analysis
SANTOS Ltd./APIA Sole CI Kotousov $40k 2007 Safety of aboveground pipelines,
School of Dentistry, the University of Adelaide  Co-CI Kahler & Kotousov $2k 2006 Experimental investigation of interfacial failure in teeth restored with resin-based composites
DSTO: Weapons Division Sole CI Kotousov 45k 2005

Provision of high temperature study, experiments and report of TZM and Copper alloy

CRC in Welded Structures Co-CI Linton, Kotousov and Brown $250k 2003 Hydrogen cracking in girth welds
Small Research Grant Scheme, the University of Adelaide First named CI Kotousov & Hansen $10k 2003 The Determination of Location and Extent of Structural Damage Using Advanced Piezoelectric Active Sensors
CRC for Welded Structures Sole CI Kotousov $12k 2003 Wide Plate Testing for Failure Assessment of Pipelines, CRC for Welded Structures
Monash University Engineering Faculty Grant Scheme First named CI Kotousov & Kerezsi $12k 2003 Rig for Peel Tests of Thin Polymetric Films Deposited on a Substrate,
Consultancy BHP-Monash MTI Co-CI Kotousov $24k 2002 Investigation of Coil Tube Failure at HBI Facilities in Port Hedland, WA
Monash University Research Fund Scholarship Sole CI Kotousov $100k 2001 - 2002 Advanced Engineering Analysis Technologies for Integrity, Safety and Durability Assessment


I am currently responsible for teaching and coordinating Stress Analysis and Design (Level II), Solid Mechanics (Level III), Fracture Mechanics (Level IV and Masters by Coursework) and Stresses in Plates and Shells (Level IV and Masters by Coursework)

  • Position: Professor
  • Phone: 83135439
  • Email:
  • Fax: 83134367
  • Campus: North Terrace
  • Building: Engineering South, floor 1
  • Org Unit: School of Mechanical Engineering

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