Amy Tien May Wong

Ms Amy Tien May Wong

Postgraduate and Academic Tutor

Student Experience

Division of Academic and Student Engagement

Amy Wong is a provisional psychologist undertaking her Master of Psychology (Health) at the University of Adelaide.
In fulfilment of her Masters, she is currently researching people's attitudes towards paid menstrual leave with Dr Melissa Oxlad and Professor Deborah Turnbull.

Amy is passionate about de-stigmatising menstruation and related health conditions such as endometriosis and polycystic ovarian syndrome. She works closely with TABOO Period Products, the Chalice Foundation and the University of Sydney's Body@Work Research Network to raise awareness and improve literacy on the menstruating body at work.

From her upbringing in Malaysia, Amy is also passionate about cultural awareness with a particular interest in the role of culture in health behaviour and beliefs.

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