Amy Finlay

Amy Finlay

School of Public Health

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Dr Amy Finlay is a research fellow at JBI Global where she works with international experts in allied health, rehabilitation and mental health nursing to connect the best available research to those at the point of care. Her work with the organisation is used across 60 countries world wide. Amy’s research interests regard building bridges between high-quality evidence and clinical teams to promote the use of evidence based practice and improve patient outcomes. Amy's focus area are working within multidiscipline clinical teams that support rehabilitation, disability and mental health. She is also interested in cancer, functional and rehabilitation exercise, community disability, assistive technology and electronic and mobile health, neurodivergence, PTSD, complex mental health disorders, suicide prevention and trauma.

As someone passionate in public health, she has worked both on a vary of projects in both academic and community settings. Amy has contributed to projects on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth suicide prevention, men’s health and prostate cancer, GP approaches to chronic disease management, and a healthy canteens project for Obesity Prevention and Lifestyle (OPAL) South Australian program. More recently, she worked for almost 7 years in a pediatric disability clinic working alongside allied health professionals. At the clinic, she coordinated a large metropolitan multisite occupational therapy and early education project and was the lead trainer during the implementation of an Ehealth clinical system. She co-ran sleep workshops and assisted the executive team and directors to complete their NDIS accreditation. Furthermore, she was engaged with the clinical team offering advice on the latest evidence to support clinical decision making. Amy has also taught and designed the curriculum of a core topic of the Advanced Bachelor of Health Science degree in the research project section for the Clinical Skill and Simulation team. She completed her undergraduate degrees in psychological science and health sciences (honours in public health) at the University of Adelaide. Her PhD, based at South Australia Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) was exploring how prostate cancer survivors use online health promotion material to support healthy lifestyles post-treatment which received Dean’s Commendation for Thesis Excellence.

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