Amir Qatarani Nejad

Mr Amir Qatarani Nejad

Higher Degree by Research Candidate

Higher Degree by Research Candidate

School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Technology

In contemporary industrial contexts, the utilization of high-temperature heat pumps has attained heightened significance owing to their substantial merits in terms of efficiency and their pivotal role in mitigating carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Nonetheless, the application of heat pump technology for operations exceeding the threshold of 200 degrees Celsius is constrained by various technological and material limitations. In response to these challenges, the present research endeavor is predicated upon the objective of conceiving and designing a heat pump system expressly tailored for extremely elevated temperature environments. This scholarly pursuit seeks to address the exigent need for innovative solutions that transcend the conventional operational parameters of heat pump technology, thereby opening up new vistas for sustainable industrial processes at elevated temperatures while simultaneously reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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    2022 Shahsavar, A., Jahangiri, A., Qatarani nejad, A., Ahmadi, G., & Karamzadeh dizaji, A. (2022). Energy and exergy analysis and multi-objective optimization of using combined vortex tube-photovoltaic/thermal system in city gate stations. Renewable Energy, 196, 1017-1028.
    DOI Scopus6
    2022 nejad, A. Q., Jahangiri, A., Ameri, M., Ahmadi, G., Karamzadeh dizaji, A., & Shahsavar, A. (2022). Performance analysis of vortex tube-thermoelectric system in gas stations. Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments, 53, 102522.
    DOI Scopus4

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