Alicja Makarewicz

Alicja Makarewicz

School of Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering

Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences

I am a Ph.D candidate interested in the areas of hydrology, hydrological modelling, field work and data collection.

My research interests are in the areas of catchment and hillslope hydrology involving both field work and distributed modelling.  My research is focused on investigating low flow processes and stream-flow intermittency in a semi-arid environment as well as developing a greater understanding of physical hydrological processes for water management questions which are nested across scales. 

2019 Designing Water Resource Systems for Urban Environments

2017-2019 Environmental Engineering & Sustainability

2017-2019 Engineering Hydrology 

2016-2019 Research Methods & Project Management

2016-2018 Engineering Planning & Design 1

2016/18 Professional Practice 1

2016 Engineering Modelling & Analysis 1

2017/18 Water Engineering III

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