Alexander Beare

Dr Alexander Beare

Adjunct Fellow

School of Humanities

Faculty of Arts, Business, Law and Economics

Alexander Beare is a media studies scholar at The University of Adelaide. His work specialises in the dynamic relationship between televisual technologies and audience cultures. He has written about the industry logics underpinning Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) programming imperatives and TV series such as The Sopranos, Ted Lasso, and Yellowjackets. Alex's work has been published in academic journals including Television and New Media, Critical Studies in Television and Critical Studies in Media Communication.

My research interests include,

  • Streaming media
  • Screen industries
  • Audience cultures
  • Television studies
  • 'Prestige' television
  • Gender and masculinities
  • Storytelling and memory


  • Journals

    Year Citation
    2024 Beare, A. H., & Boucaut, R. (2024). Positive masculinity or toxic positivity? Apple TV+’s Ted Lasso as a capitalist utopia. Critical Studies in Television, 16 pages.
    2024 Beare, A. H. (2024). The Contemporary Afterlives of Serial Drama: Considering New Audience Readings of “Old” Television. Television and New Media, 16 pages.
    2024 Beare, A. H. (2024). COVID-19, the slow-moving apocalypse, and The Sopranos: investigating new interpretive contexts. Critical Studies in Media Communication, 41(1), 84-97.
    - Beare, A. H. (n.d.). Prosthetic Memories in <em>The Sopranos</em>. M/C Journal, 22(5).
    - Beare, A. H., & Brierley-Beare, A. (n.d.). “You Know There’s No ‘It’ Right? ‘It’ Was Just Us”. M/C Journal, 26(5).
Date Project Title Investigators Role Funding Body
2023-24 Artisanal Making and the Future of Small-Scale Local Production A/Prof M Phillipov, Prof S Luckman Project Officer Australian Research Council
2023-24 University of Adelaide WIL Enhancement  Project A/Prof K Bowd, Dr M Dissanayake Project Coordinator University of Adelaide
2023 Murdoch Referendum Accountability Project Dr V Fielding Project Officer Australians for a Murdoch Royal Commission
2023 Providing a Critical Evaluation of Media News Through Innovative Approaches A/Prof K Bowd, A/Prof N Falkner, A/Prof E Palmer Project Officer University of Adelaide


Date Course Title  Course Level/Code Role
2023-24 Screen and Sound Industries MDIA 1015 Course Coordinator
2022-24 Media Policy and Media Law MDIA 2306 Tutor
2022-24 Approaches to Media MDIA 2301 Course Coordinator
2021 Professional Practises  MDIA 3310 Tutor
2021 Researching Media  MDIA 2302 Tutor
2020-21 Screen and Sound Industries  MDIA 1015 Tutor
2019 Exploring TV & Radio MDIA 1004 Tutor



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