Agnieszka Zuber

Agnieszka Zuber

School of Physical Sciences

Faculty of Sciences

Making significant contribution to scientific development in the area to nanotechnology for range of applications from cell therapy, through biosensing to detection of precious metals. My research profile shows multidisciplinary research with common denominator which allows to combine different areas of knowledge to achieve the ultimate goal.

Nanotechnology is a broad area of science which has wide range of applications, e.g. cell therapy, drug development, functional coatings, sensing. During my scientific career I was lucky to be able to apply my knowledge and skills to the projects which had very different applications, such as cancer treatment, tissue engineering, biosensing and gold sensing. Each project allowed me to broad my expertise and all of them together showed the fantastic opportunities which gives the multidisciplinary research.   


Date Grant
November 2015 DET CRC Opportunity Fund $200 000
December 2014 Pilot project grant: Microplasma generation in an optical fibre for atomic emission spectroscopy $5000

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