Adele Feakes

Dr Adele Feakes

Senior Lecturer

School of Animal and Veterinary Science

Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Technology

Eligible to supervise Masters and PhD (as Co-Supervisor) - email supervisor to discuss availability.

Adele's research stream is twofold 1) factors affecting entrepreneurial intention, particularly in the context of socially purposed business (e.g. veterinary services) and altruism. 2) career paths and employability.
Passionate about: research design, quantitative approaches, metric conjoint experiments, latent variable modelling, Bayesian estimation, moderation, using MPlus.

Teaching themes - business model design for client experience and team value, ethics, organisational behaviours, negotiation, and professional conduct in a legislated society.

Research discipline - entrepreneurship, passionate about research design (and social science) to answer important questions and maybe even reveal the 'elephant in (our) room.' Skills using MPlus to undertake SEM, Bayesian estimation, moderation, mediation, and multilevel analysis. 

  • Eligible to co-supervise Masters and PhD - email supervisor to discuss availability.

My own PhD determined the role of altruistic other-orientation and its joint effect with entrepreneurial self-efficacy on the formation of business intentions, particularly for socially purposed business. My research has practical implications for educators in 'STEMM' (science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medical sciences) regarding business and entrepreneurial capability curricula. 

Awards associated with my research include: 

Best Paper Award in Personality & Sociodemographic 2019 Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research Exchange

Adelaide Business School Research Award 2019 commendation for best conference paper.

Social Purpose Business Intentions: Altruism as a double-edged sword.
Adele Feakes, Noel Lindsay, Chengli Shu, Edward Palmer

I have published on factors affecting veterinary student career intentions, and I hope that I have debunked the effect of gender on veterinary student career sector intentions in “Predicting career sector intent and the theory of planned behaviour: survey findings from Australian veterinary science students.”

External grants

OLT (Cat 1) 2013 ($50,000) Innovation and Curriculum Development Seed Grant 2013 "Reshaping veterinary business curricula to improve graduates' business skills: a shared resource for educators" (Adele Feakes CI, Noel Lindsay, Edward Palmer, Dana Thomsen)

OLT (Cat 1) 2015 ($21,024 of $329,000) Innovation and Curriculum Development full grant - "Vet Set Go", lead institution Murdoch University, Assoc Prof Martin Cake CI, participating institutions University of Adelaide, Sydney University, University of Queensland, Nottingham University.

ACIAR (Cat 1) 2015 ($13,485 of $1,066,060) “Enhancing the role of small scale feed milling in the development of the monogastric industries in Papua New Guinea”: Business Planning (ASEM/2010/053) (Wendy Lindsay, Adele Feakes, Phil Glatz CI, David Byrne)

Crawford Fund (Cat 1) 2015 ($11,050 supplement to ACIAR project) “Enhancing the role of small scale feed milling in the development of the monogastric industries in Papua New Guinea": Business Planning" (ASEM/2010/053) (Wendy Lindsay, Adele Feakes, Phil Glatz CI, David Byrne)

Crawford Fund (Cat 1) 2015 ($1,800) “Training needs in Business Planning for PNG Women in Agriculture" (SA-703-2015) (Adele Feakes CI, Wendy Lindsay, Norah Omut)

Internal grants

School of Animal and Veterinary Science 2014 ($1,000) Research Travel Grant 

School of Animal and Veterinary Science 2013 ($2,000) Research Networking Grant 

School of Animal and Veterinary Science 2013 ($2,000) Research Equipment Grant 

UoA 2012 ($2,800) Equity and Diversity Grant "Improving skills of ESL students in the Veterinary Sciences programme" (Adele Feakes CI, Dana Thomsen, Christopher Riley)

UoA 2010 ($12,000) Implementation Grant - Learning & Teaching Enhancements "Enhancement of professional skills for animal and veterinary science students" (Michelle McArthur, Adele Feakes, Cynthia Bottema, Audrey Stratton, Di Barton, Gail Anderson)

Teaching content - Business, entrepreneurship, fiscal & performance indicators, opportunity assessment, written communication, business models, value proposition design and business planning, research methods, client communication, team skills, professional conduct, veterinary medical record-keeping, legislation, change management, managing conflict.

  • Excellence in Teaching Award 2018 Australian Veterinary Association for contribution to veterinary business curricula

Veterinary science teaching -  Professional Skills III, DVM Professional Skills, DVM 1 Clinical Research Project, Transition to the Veterinary Profession, and DVM III Veterinary Entrepreneurship Elective. Sessional for University of Queensland Faculty of Veterinary Science (2014 and 2015)

Course Coordinator (non-technical curricula) DVM Professional Skills in the School of Animal and Veterinary Science, University of Adelaide (2011 - 2020)

Course Developer Vet Tech II Clinical Studies A, School of Animal and Veterinary Science, the University of Adelaide (2021) (new course)

Entrepreneurship and innovation programme (Year III Undergraduate and Masters students; ECIC) - Project in Entrepreneurship/Entrepreneurship Research Project - 3520 TECHCOMM 3008 and 5029 (2016). 

Honours student (Animal Science) 2018.

  • Other Supervision Activities

    Date Role Research Topic Location Program Supervision Type Student Load Student Name
    2022 - 2022 Principal Supervisor The Gender Gap in Pay Expectations for Australian Final Year Veterinary Students University of Adelaide DVM1 Clinical Research Project Other Full Time Taylah White
    2018 - 2019 Principal Supervisor The importance of non-technical skills to veterinary students University of Adelaide Honours in Animal Science Honours Full Time Madison Helms
  • Position: Senior Lecturer
  • Phone: 83130080
  • Email:
  • Fax: 83137956
  • Campus: Roseworthy
  • Building: Corridor Block, floor G
  • Org Unit: School of Animal and Veterinary Science

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