Dr Sofanit Girma Araya

Sofanit Girma Araya
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Dr Sofanit Girma Araya

Sofanit did her PhD in spatial information sciences at  School of Biological Sciences, The University of Adelaide. Her PhD thesis is titled: 

"Digital soil mapping for sustainable agricultural productivity"

The understanding of spatial and temporal yield variability is the key for better management of agricultural fields. The crop yield in the arid and semi-arid environment is highly dependent on the water availability. Vegetation condition is a good indicator of the soil and its interaction with the environmental factors such as rainfall. Time series analysis of MODIS imagery has been widely used for various agricultural related studies such as crop identification and yield estimation. However, it hasn't been widely used for the understanding of the soil conditions underneath.



Date Institution name Country Title
2018 University of Adelaide, Adelaide Australia PhD
2007 University of Twente, Enschede Netherlands MSc
1998 Addis Ababa University, Addis Ababa Ethiopia BSc


Year Citation
2017 Araya, S., Ostendorf, B., Lyle, G., & Lewis, M. (2017). Remote Sensing Derived Phenological Metrics to Assess the Spatio-Temporal Growth Variability in Cropping Fields. Advances in Remote Sensing, 06(03), 212-228.
2016 Araya, S., Lyle, G., Lewis, M., & Ostendorf, B. (2016). Phenologic metrics derived from MODIS NDVI as indicators for Plant Available Water-holding Capacity. Ecological Indicators, 60, 1263-1272.
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Teaching Interest - Spatial information, GIS and remote sensing for environmental management

I have experience

  • Demonstrating GIS for Agriculture and Environmental Management subjects at the University of Adelaide.
  • Teaching GIS and map preparation and presentation courses at TAFESA


Date Role Membership Country
2011 - ongoing Member SSSI Australia
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M 07
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Ecology and Environmental Science