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Mr Muhammad Asif

Muhammad Asif
Postdoctoral Research
School of Agriculture, Food and Wine
Faculty of Sciences

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Mr Muhammad Asif


Date Position Institution name
2018 Postdoctoral Fellow The University of Adelaide
2017 - 2018 Research Assistant (Casual) The University of Adelaide


Date Institution name Country Title
2013 - 2017 The University of Adelaide Australia Doctor of Philosophy, PhD
2008 - 2011 National Agricultural Research Centre Pakistan M.Phil, Plant Genomics and Biotechnology
2004 - 2008 University of Agriculture Pakistan B.Sc. (Hons.) Plant Breeding and Genetics


Year Citation
2018 Asif, M., Schilling, R., Tilbrook, J., Brien, C., Dowling, K., Rabie, H., . . . Pearson, A. (2018). Mapping of novel salt tolerance QTL in an Excalibur × Kukri doubled haploid wheat population. TAG Theoretical and Applied Genetics, 131(10), 2179-2196.
2012 Iqbal, M., Nazir, F., Ali, S., Asif, M., Zafar, Y., Iqbal, J., & Ali, G. (2012). Over expression of rice chitinase gene in transgenic peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) improves resistance against leaf spot. Molecular Biotechnology, 50(2), 129-136.
DOI Scopus34 WoS34 Europe PMC17
2011 Asif, M. A., Zafar, Y., Iqbal, J., Iqbal, M. M., Rashid, U., Ali, G. M., . . . Nazir, F. (2011). Enhanced Expression of AtNHX1, in Transgenic Groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) Improves Salt and Drought Tolerence. MOLECULAR BIOTECHNOLOGY, 49(3), 250-256.
DOI WoS34 Europe PMC19
2011 Nawab, N., Shakil, Q., Niaz, S., Iqbal, M., Asif, M., & Khan, I. (2011). Genetics of trichomes and its association with fibre and agronomic traits in cotton. African Journal of Biotechnology, 10(20), 3964-3972.
Scopus3 WoS3
2010 Malik, S., Bakhsh, A., Asif, M., Iqbal, U., & Iqbal, S. (2010). Assessment of genetic variability and interrelationship among some agronomic traits in chickpea. International Journal of Agriculture and Biology, 12(1), 81-85.
Scopus24 WoS18
Postdoctoral Research
Waite Main Building, floor G
Room Number
G N14
Org Unit
School of Agriculture, Food and Wine