Miss Laura Watson

Miss Laura Watson
Research Officer
Adelaide Medical School
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

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Miss Laura Watson


Year Citation
2015 Dunning, K., Watson, L., Zhang, V., Brown, H., Kaczmarek, A., Robker, R. & Russell, D. (2015). Activation of mouse cumulus-oocyte complex maturation in vitro through EGF-like activity of versican. Biology of Reproduction, 92, 5, 116-1-116-10.
2014 Mitchell, K., Pratt, R., Watson, L., Gibb, G., Llamas, B., Kasper, M. ... Cooper, A. (2014). Molecular phylogeny, biogeography, and habitat preference evolution of marsupials. Molecular Biology and Evolution, 31, 9, 2322-2330.
2014 Robker, R., Watson, L., Robertson, S., Dunning, K., McLaughlin, E. & Russell, D. (2014). Identification of sites of STAT3 action in the female reproductive tract through conditional gene deletion. PLoS One, 9, 7, e101182-1-e101182-9.
2012 Dunning, K., Watson, L., Sharkey, D., Brown, H., Norman, R., Thompson, J. ... Russell, D. (2012). Molecular filtration properties of the mouse expanded cumulus matrix: controlled supply of metabolites and extracellular signals to cumulus cells and the oocyte. Biology of Reproduction, 87, 4, 1-10.
2012 Watson, L., Mottershead, D., Dunning, K., Robker, R., Gilchrist, R. & Russell, D. (2012). Heparan sulfate proteoglycans regulate responses to oocyte paracrine signals in ovarian follicle morphogenesis. Endocrinology, 153, 9, 4544-4555.
2010 Campbell, K., Roberts, J., Watson, L., Stetefeld, J., Sloan, A., Signore, A. ... Cooper, A. (2010). Substitutions in woolly mammoth hemoglobin confer biochemical properties adaptive for cold tolerance. Nature Genetics, 42, 5, 536-542.

Conference Items

Year Citation
2009 Campbell, K., Roberts, J., Stetefeld, J., Sloan, A., Signore, A., Howatt, J. ... Weber, R. (2009). Breathing new life into old blood: cold-adaptive evolution of woolly mammoth haemoglobin. Congress of the new European Society of Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology. Innsbruck, Austria.
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