Dr Delphine Fleury

Delphine Fleury
ARC Snr Res Fellow
School of Agriculture, Food and Wine
Faculty of Sciences

Delphine is the director of the ARC Industrial Research Transformation Hub for wheat in a hot and dry climate. She leads a research group of the School of Agriculture, Food and Wine at University of Adelaide focusing on wheat and barley production, genetic diversity and adaptation to low rainfall environments.

Delphine's research interests are in plant genetics, genomics and breeding, with a particular focus on gene function and crop adaptation to environmental stress.

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Dr Delphine Fleury

Delphine is the director of the ARC Industrial Research Transformation Hub for wheat in a hot and dry climate. She leads a research group of the School of Agriculture, Food and Wine at University of Adelaide focusing on wheat and barley production, genetic diversity and adaptation to low rainfall environments.

Delphine's research interests are in plant genetics, genomics and breeding, with a particular focus on gene function and crop adaptation to environmental stress.

Delphine obtained a her PhD in 2001 on sunflower at the ENSAT (Toulouse, France) with two breeding companies (Maisadour and Caussade semences). She worked on Arabidopsis development as a postdoctorate researcher at the Department of Plant Systems Biology (VIB, Ghent, Belgium). She joined the Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics in Adelaide in 2006. In 2006-2009, she worked on comparative genomics in wheat and barley in collaboration with EU TriticeaeGenome consortium. In 2010, she became partner on the DROPS European FP7 project on drought-tolerant yielding plants (2009-2015). In 2012-2013, she worked as a consultant for Generation Challenge Program (Mexico) on the Integrated Breeding Platform. In 2012, she led the Native traits for wheat research program funded by Dupont. In 2015, Delphine was CI and Translation manager of the ARC Industrial Research Transformation Hub for wheat in a hot and dry climate until she became director of the Hub in 2017.


Date Position Institution name
2017 ARC director of ITRH University of Adelaide
2012 - 2016 Genetics leader (research level C) University of Adelaide
2011 - 2012 Research leader University of Adelaide
2006 - 2010 Postdoctoral fellow University of Adelaide

Awards and Achievements

Date Type Title Institution Name Amount
2012 Award 2nd best talk at the Research Leadership workshop Waite Institute
2009 - 2009 Award Best contributed paper Rank Prize Funds

Language Competencies

Language Competency
English Can read, write, speak, understand spoken and peer review
French Can read, write, speak, understand spoken and peer review


Date Institution name Country Title
1998 - 2001 National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse France PhD Molecular genetics
1996 - 1997 University of Rennes 1 France MSc's Genetics, phytopathology, adaptation and plant production
1994 - 1996 University of Rennes 1 France BSc’s Chemistry and plant biology

Postgraduate Training

Date Title Institution Country
2002 - 2006 Postdoctoral fellow Flanders Institute for Biotechnology Belgium

Research Interests

Crop and Pasture Improvement, Genetics, Genomics, Plant Biology


Year Citation
2017 Parent, B., Bonneau, J., Maphosa, L., Kovalchuk, A., Langridge, P. & Fleury, D. (2017). Quantifying wheat sensitivities to environmental constraints to dissect genotype × environment interactions in the field. Plant Physiology, 174, 3, 1669-1682.
2017 Schoppach, R., Fleury, D., Sinclair, T. & Sadok, W. (2017). Transpiration Sensitivity to Evaporative Demand Across 120 Years of Breeding of Australian Wheat Cultivars. Journal of Agronomy and Crop Science, 203, 3, 219-226.
2016 Schoppach, R., Taylor, J., Majerus, E., Claverie, E., Baumann, U., Suchecki, R. ... Sadok, W. (2016). High resolution mapping of traits related to whole-plant transpiration under increasing evaporative demand in wheat. Journal of Experimental Botany, 67, 9, 2847-2860.
2016 Obsa, B., Eglinton, J., Coventry, S., March, T., Langridge, P. & Fleury, D. (2016). Genetic analysis of developmental and adaptive traits in three doubled haploid populations of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.). Theoretical and Applied Genetics, 129, 6, 1-13.
2016 Shahinnia, F., Le Roy, J., Laborde, B., Sznajder, B., Kalambettu, P., Mahjourimajd, S. ... Fleury, D. (2016). Genetic association of stomatal traits and yield in wheat grown in low rainfall environments. BMC Plant Biology, 16, 1, 150-1-150-14.
2015 Nguyen, V., Fleury, D., Timmins, A., Laga, H., Hayden, M., Mather, D. & Okada, T. (2015). Addition of rye chromosome 4R to wheat increases anther length and pollen grain number. Theoretical and Applied Genetics, 128, 5, 953-964.
2015 Parent, B., Shahinnia, F., Maphosa, L., Berger, B., Rabie, H., Chalmers, K. ... Fleury, D. (2015). Combining field performance with controlled environment plant imaging to identify the genetic control of growth and transpiration underlying yield response to water-deficit stress in wheat. Journal of Experimental Botany, 66, 18, 5481-5492.
2014 Deng, P., Nie, X., Wang, L., Cui, L., Liu, P., Tong, W. ... Weining, S. (2014). Computational identification and comparative analysis of miRNAs in wheat group 7 chromosomes. Plant Molecular Biology Reporter, 32, 2, 487-500.
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2012 Huynh, B., Mather, D., Schreiber, A., Toubia, J., Baumann, U., Shoaei, Z. ... Fleury, D. (2012). Clusters of genes encoding fructan biosynthesizing enzymes in wheat and barley. Plant Molecular Biology, 80, 3, 299-314.
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2011 Berkman, P., Skarshewski, A., Lorenc, M., Lai, K., Duran, C., Ling, E. ... Edwards, D. (2011). Sequencing and assembly of low copy and genic regions of isolated Triticum aestivum chromosome arm 7DS. Plant Biotechnology Journal, 9, 7, 768-775.
2011 Schulte, D., Shi, B., Fleury, D., Saski, C., Atkins, M., Dejong, P. ... Ariyadasa, R. (2011). BAC library resources for map-based cloning and physical map construction in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.). BMC Genomics, 12, 1, 1-11.
2011 Kojima, S., Iwasaki, M., Takahashi, H., Imai, T., Matsumura, Y., Fleury, D. ... Machida, C. (2011). ASYMMETRIC LEAVES2 and Elongator, a histone acetyltransferase complex, mediate the establishment of polarity in leaves of Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant and Cell Physiology, 52, 8, 1259-1273.
2011 Langridge, P. & Fleury, D. (2011). Making the most of 'omics' for crop breeding. Trends in Biotechnology, 29, 1, 33-40.
2010 Fleury, D., Jefferies, S., Kuchel, H. & Langridge, P. (2010). Genetic and genomic tools to improve drought tolerance in wheat. Journal of Experimental Botany, 61, 12, 3211-3222.
2010 Fleury, D. (2010). The RON1/FRY1/SAL1 gene is required for leaf morphogenesis and venation patterning in Arabidopsis1,[W],[OA]. Plant Physiology, 152, 3, 1357-1372.
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2010 Nelissen, H., De Groeve, S., Fleury, D., Neyt, P., Bruno, L., Bitonti, M. ... Van Lijsebettens, M. (2010). Plant Elongator regulates auxin-related genes during RNA polymerase II transcription elongation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 107, 4, 1678-1683.
2008 Pien, S., Fleury, D., Mylne, J., Crevillen, P., Inze, D., Avramova, Z. ... Grossniklaus, U. (2008). ARABIDOPSIS TRITHORAX1 dynamically regulates FLOWERING LOCUS C activation via histone 3 lysine 4 trimethylation. Plant Cell, 20, 3, 580-588.
2007 Fleury, D., Himanen, K., Cnops, G., Nelissen, H., Boccardi, T., Maere, S. ... Van Lijsebettens, M. (2007). The Arabidopsis thaliana homolog of yeast BRE1 has a function in cell cycle regulation during early leaf and root growth. Plant Cell, 19, 2, 417-432.
2007 Falcone, A., Nelissen, H., Fleury, D., Van Lijsebettens, M. & Bitoni, M. (2007). Cytological investigations of the Arabidopsis thaliana elo1 mutant give new insights into leaf lateral growth and Elongator function. Annals of Botany, 100, 2, 261-270.
2005 Nelissen, H., Fleury, D., Bruno, L., Robels, P., De Beylder, L., Traas, J. ... Van Lijsebettens, M. (2005). The elongata mutants identify a functional Elongator complex in plants with a role in cell proliferation during organ growth. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 102, 21, 7754-7759.
2001 Fleury, D., Fabre, F., Berrios, E., Chaarani, G., Planchon, C., Sarrafi, A. & Gentzbittel, L. (2001). QTL analysis of photosynthesis and water status traits in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) under greenhouse conditions. Journal of Experimental Botany, 52, 362, 1857-1864.


Year Citation
2014 D. Fleury & R. Whitford (Eds.) (2014). Crop breeding: methods and protocols. New York: Springer.

Book Chapters

Year Citation
2014 Perez-Elizalde, S., Cerón-Rojas, J., Crossa, J., Fleury, D. & Alvarado, G. (2014). Rindsel: an R package for phenotypic and molecular selection indices used in plant breeding. In D. Fleury & R. Whitford (Eds.), Crop breeding: methods and protocols (pp. 87-96). Humana Press.
2014 Fleury, D. & Langridge, P. (2014). QTL and association mapping for plant abiotic stress tolerance: trait characterization and introgression for crop improvement. In M. Jenks & P. Hasegawa (Eds.), Plant Abiotic Stress (pp. 257-287). United States: Wiley.
2012 Fleury, D., Baumann, U. & Langridge, P. (2012). Plant genome sequencing: models for developing synteny maps and association mapping. In A. Altman & P. M. Hasegawa (Eds.), Plant biotechnology and agriculture: Prospects for the 21st century (pp. 83-97). USA: Academic Press.
2012 Fleury, D. L., Baumann, U. & Langridge, P. (2012). Quantitative trait loci and breeding. In A. M. Hetherington (Ed.), eLS (pp. 1-11). John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

Conference Papers

Year Citation
2014 Laga, H., Shahinnia, F. & Fleury, D. (2014). Image-based plant stomata phenotyping. 13th International Conference on Control, Automation, Robotics and Vision (ICARCV 2014). Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.
2009 Fleury, D., Langridge, P., Dvorak, J., Shoaei, Z., Waugh, R., Marshall, D. & Luo, M. (2009). Physical mapping of the short arm of chromosome 3 in aegilops tauschii and barley. IWGSC workshop and business meeting. San Diego.
2009 Fleury, D. (2009). From micro-plate to field: genomics for improving abiotic stress tolerance of cereals. European Congress on Biotechnology. Spain.

Conference Items

Year Citation
2017 Fleury, D. L. (2017). Genetic basis of wheat yield under dry and hot climates. InterDrought-V conference. Hyderabad.
2013 Okada, T., Jayasinghe, R., Langridge, P. & Fleury, D. (2013). Screening of a Triticeae germplasm collection for floral architecture traits that enhance out-crossing in wheat for hybrid seed production. The 12th International Wheat Genetics Symposium. Yokohama, Japan.
Date Grant Project title Role Funding and staff
2015-2020 Australian Research Council Industrial Transformation Research Hub (IH130200027) Genetic diversity and molecular breeding for wheat in a hot and dry climate Director AUD 11,000k
2015-2017 Australia-India Strategic Research Fund (AISRF33760) Mining alleles for heat tolerance of wheat in Australian and Indian environments for development of heat resilient cultivars Lead CI AUD 200k
2014-2017 Premier’s Research and Industry Fund’s International Research Grant Program Molecular diversity drive for precision-engineered wheat co-CI AUD 292k
2012-2015 Dupont Native traits for wheat lead CI  
2012-2015 South Australian Grain Industry Trust Fund (UA1202) Improved drought stress tolerance in barley co-CI AUD 264k
2009-2015 DROPS European Union Framework Programme 7 (FP7-KBBE-244374) Drought-tolerant yielding plants co-CI EUR 9,702k
2010-2015 Grain Research and Development Corporation (UMU00037) International Wheat Genome Sequencing Consortium assembly of chromosome 7 co-CI AUD 750k
University of Adelaide students
Student Program Date Thesis Title Principal supervisor
Jessica Schmidt PhD 2016- Identification of new loci for drought and heat tolerance by genome wide association in wheat Delphine Fleury
Abdeljalil El Habti PhD 2016- Physiological mechanisms for tolerance to drought and heat stress in wheat Penny Tricker
Pauline Thomelin PhD 2015- Positional cloning of a QTL on chromosome 3B for drought and heat tolerance in wheat Delphine Fleury
Habtamu Tura PhD 2014- Towards the positional cloning of a yield QTL on chromosome 1B for improving drought tolerance in wheat Delphine Fleury
Ahsan Asif PhD 2013-2017

Identification of salt tolerance genes in bread wheat

Stuart Roy
Fabio Arsego PhD 2013-2017 Differential allele response to drought and heat at two closely-linked quantitative trait loci on chromosome 7A in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). Delphine Fleury
Bulti Tesso Obsa PhD 2013-2016 The genetic basis of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) adaptation to Australian environment. Delphine Fleury
Vy NGuyen MSc 2013 Characterization of anther and pollen development in wheat-rye chromosome addition lines Takashi Okada
Abdulstar Abdulla Omar MSc 2012 Allelic variation of CIMMYT lines and wheat seed abortion under drought and heat stress in South Australia Delphine Fleury
Thanh Phuoc Le MSc 2011 Genotyping of three parental barley lines and study of their mechanisms of tolerance to drought Delphine Fleury

Nur Diyana Kamal Azlan

MSc 2009 Fine-mapping of Na+ exclusion and maturity QTL on wheat chromosome 7A Delphine Fleury
Interns and trainees
Date Student name Institution Country
2016 Lucie Cosson ENSAIA (School of Agronomy and Food, Nancy) France
2016 Tom Theeuwen MSc Plant Biotechnology, Wageningen University Netherlands
2015 Maxime Guillaume SupAgro Montpellier France
2015 Yonina Hendrikse MSc Plant Biotechnology, Wageningen University Netherlands
2014 Alma Roblin ENSAIA (School of Agronomy and Food, Nancy) France
2014 Benjamin Laborde SupAgro Montpellier France
2014 Delong Yang Chinese Academy of Science China
2013 Florian Krimpzer ENSAIA (School of Agronomy and Food, Nancy) France
2013 Florian Veillet MSc Biology and Biotechnology of plants, University of Bordeaux France
2013 Marine Ulusoy ENSAT (School of Agronomy, Toulouse) France
2013 Julien Le Roy MSc Biology, University of Lille 1 France
2012 Ronan Bourse ENSAIA (School of Agronomy and Food, Nancy) France
2012 Giuseppe Sciara MSc Agrarian Science and Technologies, University of Bologna Italy
2010 Yan Holtz SupAgro Montpellier France



Date Role Membership Country
2017 - 2019 Member Australian Society of Plant Science Australia
2016 - ongoing Member EUCARPIA Switzerland
2010 - 2016 Member International Wheat Genome Sequencing Consortium
2009 - ongoing Member European Plant Science Organization Australia

Committee Memberships

Date Role Committee Institution Country
2016 - ongoing Member International Science Advisory Group EMBL Australia Bioinformatics Resource Australia
2016 - 2017 Member International organizing committee of InterDrought V conference India

Editorial Boards

Date Role Editorial Board Name Country
2017 - ongoing Associate Editor Frontiers in Plant Science Switzerland
2017 - ongoing Associate Editor Plant Methods United Kingdom
2017 - ongoing Consulting Editor Frontiers in Plant Science Switzerland
2013 - 2015 Associate Editor Functional and Integrative Genomics Australia
2010 - ongoing Associate Editor BMC Genomics United Kingdom


Date Institution Department Organisation Type Country
2011 - 2012 Generation Challenge Programme Scientific research Mexico
ARC Snr Res Fellow
8313 7012
Plant Genomics Centre
Room Number
2 20
Org Unit
Plant Science